We serve a range of applications in the automotive industry including interior and exterior elements, lighting, seating and electric vehicle battery (EVB) packaging, using dedicated raw materials for coatings and adhesives, thermoplastics, foams, films, composites and more.
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Case study

PC-based CFRTP

Maezio® carbon fiber composites for mass production of car seat components

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Makrofol® TF: Ultrathin polycarbonate films I Covestro

Our new extrusion process enables polycarbonate films as thin as 15μm for use in membranes for filtration and electronics. Learn more!

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Reusing Baynat® scrap

How can you transform a problem into a viable business model? 

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Sustainable solutions

Discovering the potential of more sustainable automotive coating solutions for enhanced productivity and a circular economy

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Turning waste into added value:
CO₂ technology

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Polyurethane that combines freedom of design with versatile functionality
Versatile PU dispersions for eco-friendlier, low VOC coatings and adhesives
Polyisocyanate crosslinkers that enhance waterborne PU coatings
Polyisocyanates for a wide range of PU foams, coatings and adhesives
A wide range of polyols for high-performance polyurethane applications

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