On our path to a climate neutral world. Fully circular. Fully committed.

Recognizing the urgency of sustainability, we're actively aligning our operations with Circular Economy principles. Securing both economic and political support is vital, and we're fully dedicated to driving sustainability forward at every opportunity.
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Completing our strategy to climate neutrality

Our commitment to embracing the Circular Economy is profound. This journey involves setting ambitious goals focussing at reducing emissions across multiple fronts. By 2035 we want to achieve operational climate neutrality for scope 1 and 2. By 2050 we want to achieve climate neutrality as a crucial milestone along this path for our scope 3 emissions. It contains encompassing our production processes (scope 1), purchased energy sources (scope 2), and those of our supply and value chains (scope 3) – which is completing our strategy for climate neutrality by 2050!

What does this mean in concrete?

We set ambitious climate neutrality objectives for Scope 3 emissions, marking a pivotal moment in our transformation journey. The goal is to achieve net-zero emissions from upstream and downstream processes across the value chain by 2050. To realize this vision, we must lead by example and co-create solutions in close partnership with stakeholders along the entire supply chain.

Guided by pragmatic milestones, we're steadily reducing our carbon footprint. From cutting direct emissions to offsetting indirect ones, we're advancing sustainability in the chemical industry, step by step.

Lowering our emissions

To achieve net zero emissions in our Scope 1 and Scope 2 categories, our priority is to enhance the sustainability and energy efficiency of our corporate operations. This involves adopting innovative catalyst technologies during isocyanate production to decrease CO₂ emissions, as isocyanate and diisocyanate serve as vital raw materials in polyurethane manufacturing.

Enhancing sustainability through strong partnerships

To advance our transition towards sustainable energy (Scope 2) and ensure efficient energy supply to our global production facilities, we will strengthen partnerships with energy suppliers through innovative models of cooperation. This collaborative approach aims to facilitate the adoption of renewable energy sources, contributing to our journey towards net zero emissions and a reduced CO₂ footprint.

Climate neutral product portfolio

We are already continuously expanding our portfolio of climate neutral products in our sector. Flagship examples include the world first climate neutral polycarbonate, manufactured using raw materials from mass-balanced biowaste and residual materials as well as renewable energy.

With our commitment to sustainability, we unveiled climate-neutral MDI (methylene diphenyl diisocyanate) within our product portfolio in 2022.It is used in large quantities worldwide as a raw material for the production of rigid polyurethane (PU) foam, a highly effective insulating material for buildings and refrigeration appliances. The new MDI grades are climate neutral from cradle to factory gate, thanks to the use of precursors derived from ISCC Plus-certified mass-balanced biowaste and residual materials. We introduced climate-neutral MDI into its product range in 2022

In the long term, we want to offer a climate-neutral version of all of our products. We use alternative raw materials and energy sources as well as unique, newly developed technologies for our CQ solutions CQ stands for Circular Intelligence, a smarter approach to using more sustainable materials and technologies. Currently, all CQ materials consist of at least 25% alternative, non-fossil raw materials. Technologies under the CQ label, such as Evocycle® CQ, also prove that closed cycles are already possible today.

Case studies

  • Case study

    Solution for robot vacuum design

    Explore sustainability in the intelligent robot industry with materials like Desmopan® CQ TPU & Bayblend® R CQ polycarbonate. 

  • Case study

    Sustainable manufacturing of sockets and switches

    Discover a sustainable shift in switches and sockets with ABB and the use of Makrolon® RE to set new industry standards. Learn more now!

  • Case study

    Waterborne & vegan: More sustainable synthetic textile coatings

    Explore how we pioneered a vegan waterborne synthetic coating system with Trans-Textil, to contribute to a more sustainable future for the textile industry.

  • Case study

    Low carbon PU insulation 

    Our climate neutral   Desmodur® CQ MS enabled Recticel Impact, a PU insulation board range with 43% lower CO2 emissions.

  • Case study

    More sustainable textile printing with Covestro & KRONOS

    Covestro & KRONOS: More sustainable textile production with digital inkjet printing. Find out more about their white ink innovation for direct-to-foil printing!

  • Case study

    Low carbon Desmodur® 

    Certified low carbon Desmodur® CQ MB enabled Selena Group  to create its Ultra Fast 70 low emission one component foam.

  • Case study

    User-centered design

    Innovative materials for user-centric design in medical teenage treatment. Learn more now!

  • Case study

    More sustainable textiles for Team Sonnenwagen

    Explore how Covestro, Huafeng, and Cyclone support Team Sonnenwagen with partly bio-based and recycled textile materials for more sustainable sportswear.

  • Case study

    The 1000th polyurethane wind turbine blade

    Covestro and TMT launch their 1000th polyurethane wind turbine blade

  • Case study

    Sustainability for foam

    With bio-circular attributed materials, mass-balance TDI, we offer our customers the ideal foam for next-gen mattresses.


  • Story

    More sustainable cast PUs

    Leveraging mass balance and renewable resources, Covestro’s low-carbon cast PU resins help streamline your operations.

  • Story

    TPU films in sports design

    Explore how Platilon® and Dureflex® TPU films enhance your sports equipment durability while keeping it light and agile.

  • Story

    UV resins that are mostly bio-based 

    UV coatings with sustainable materials: Learn how to create ultraviolet coatings with up-to-83%-bio-based resins. 

  • Story

    Polyisocyanate crosslinker portfolio from Covestro

    More sustainable IPDI product line with reduced carbon footprint, enabled via a mass-balance approach.

  • Story

    More sustainable PU foams

    Learn how more sustainable feedstocks in PU foams can reduce the automotive industry carbon footprint and how we aim for full PU recycling.

  • Story

    Makrolon® RE resins

    Makrolon® RE produced with renewable electricity can significantly reduce CO₂ emissions, as low as zero, from cradle to gate.

  • Story

    Partly bio-based hot melt film

    Partly bio-based Platilon® H2 CQ EC hot melt adhesive film matches standard grades in processability and heat resistance. 

  • Story

    HSS: Technology

    Discover how to powder-coat wood, MDF, and other heat-sensitive substrates.

  • Story

    More sustainable caustic soda

    We supply more sustainable chlorine, caustic soda and hydrogen to LANXESS using hydro energy based on guarantees of origin.

  • Story

    Uralac® polyesters

    Discover how our Uralac® polyester powder-coating resins enable high-performance coatings for indoor and outdoor applications.

Discover even more

  • Circular Solutions

    Embracing a Circular Economy for Plastics

    Join us in a sustainable plastics future. Embrace circular economy, fossil-free materials, recycling. Together, we create change!

  • Climate neutrality & net zero

    Climate neutrality & net zero

    If a company is climate neutral, its internal processes have no impact on the climate. A company reaches net zero when human-caused emissions (resulting from production processes or energy supply) are balanced out by counter-measures taken by humans.

  • Operational climate neutrality

    Operational climate neutrality

    Climate neutrality is defined for scope 1 and 2 and implies a net zero calculation including all direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions and their reduction to a level compatible with the 1.5-degree target of the Paris Climate Agreement.

  • Climate neutrality of our products

    Climate neutrality of our products

    We will continue to reduce greenhouse gas emissions aligning our activities fully around the principles of the Circular
    Economy. Collaborating across the value chain, we target saving 10M tons of Scope 3 emissions by 2035 (compared to the base year 2021).

Key benefits

  • Climate neutrality by 2050 for scope 1, scope 2 and scope 3
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by -60% by 2030 for scope 1 and 2
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions for scope 3 of -30% by 2035
  • Every product in a climate neutral version
  • Reduction target anchored in management system

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We don't say it's easy - but possible. Together. #FullyCircular

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