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Dispercoll® dispersions: High performance, low impact

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The Dispercoll® range of waterborne dispersions for the formulation of high-performance adhesives meet the growing demand for more environmentally friendly adhesives for use in consumer and industrial applications.

Dispercoll® is available in a number of variants, viscosities and molecular weights to facilitate the production of high-performance adhesives to meet specific needs. For example, among many sub-brands in the range, you will find Dispercoll® U, aqueous, anionic dispersions of high molecular weight aliphatic polyurethanes. There are also Dispercoll® C dispersions, aqueous polychloroprene lattices commonly used in the formulation of water-based-contact cements and foam-laminating adhesives. Also worth a special mention are Dispercoll® S products, anionic colloidal solutions of amorphous silicon dioxide used with aqueous polymers, such as Dispercoll® C dispersions, to provide improvement of rheology properties (thickening).

Featured Products

Dispercoll® C 84
Aqueous colloidal dispersion of a 2-chlorobutadiene polymer with a high rate of crystallisation. Dispercoll® C 84 is suitable for the formulation of aqueous adhesives for use in the footwear, construction, furniture, mattress and automotive industries.
Dispercoll® U 54
Anionic high-molecular-weight polyurethane dispersion for the formulation of adhesives e.g. for shoe, automotive and furniture industries, esp. for applications on plasticizer-containing PVC.
Dispercoll® U 58
Aqueous polyurethane dispersion. Dispercoll® U 58 is a waterborne dispersion of an anionically modified polyurethane. It is an adhesives raw material for the formulation of adhesives for use in e.g. the shoe, furniture or automotive industries. Its characteristic polymer properties make Dispercoll® U 58 particularly well suited for heat activated bonding applications with high tack and good initial heat resistance.

Key Benefits

  • Sustainable: Low solvent content and significantly reduced solvent emissions.
  • Adaptable: Different viscosities and molecular weights meet specific adhesive needs.
  • Variable: Specialized dispersions provide improved rheology (thickening) properties.

Brochures & Downloads

Dispercoll U2682 Onepager.pdf
Raw Materials for High Performance Adhesives
Dispercoll U58 1 PLUS (EN).pdf
Dispercoll U58 1 PLUS (CN).pdf

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