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From OEMs to body shops, we take proven science enhanced with thought-leading research and development to bring innovative material solutions to every step of the automotive value chain. Explore below to get more information on the latest materials enabling the vehicles of today, and supporting the mobility trends of tomorrow.

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Automotive OEM Solutions

Desmodur® 2873 is a new silane-modified aliphatic polyisocyanate that can be used to formulate polyurethane/silane hybrid coatings that offer superb scratch resistance. Its low viscosity provides excellent flow and leveling for exceptional appearance, as well as great weathering resistance in demanding conditions. These high-performance properties make it especially suited for use in the North American automotive market for clearcoats.

Covestro has been a trusted partner to the automotive industry for more than 50 years. Here, innovation is in our DNA. Our team of experts are inspired by years of scientific development, and driven by the ever-evolving world around us to bring high-performing coating and adhesive technologies to the automotive industry.

Desmodur® 2873 for the North American Market

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