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Bayhydrol® dispersions: High versatility, low impact

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Improve the ecological footprint of your coatings with Bayhydrol® polyols or polyurethane dispersions (PUDs). Waterborne Bayhydrol® PUDs contain low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and Bayhydrol® products radically reduce solvent emissions of coatings and adhesives.

The demand for low-VOC coatings has increased across all markets as end users look to reduce solvent emissions and improve their environmental footprint. We are responding to this need with a wide range of low- to ultra-low-VOC waterborne polyols and PUDs. Bayhydrol® dispersions can be used to formulate ambient-cure and baked polyurethane coatings for rigid and flexible substrates including metal, wood, leather, textiles, vinyl-coated fabric and other plastics. Also, Bayhydrol® is a good choice for waterborne one- (1K) and two-component (2K) polyurethane coatings and adhesives. Whether you manufacture furniture paints, parquet sealing or printing inks for paper and textiles, Bayhydrol® dispersions offer the perfect properties for each application.

Featured Products

Bayhydrol® A 2470
Aqueous hydroxyfunctional polyacrylic dispersion.Waterborne 2K-Polyurethane varnishes in combination with aliphatic Polyisocyanates.
Bayhydrol® A 2601
OH-functional PAC combinable with aliphatic PIC for 2K PU clear/topcoats for general industrial and transportation coatings. 1K coatings by using melamine resins also possible.
Bayhydrol® U 2757
Bayhydrol U XP 2757 is an aliphatic, hydroxyl-functional polycarbonate ester-polyurethane dispersion, cosolvent-free. It is suitable as a binder for water-reducible two component polyurethane coatings, especially soft-touch and comfort coatings.
Bayhydrol® UV 2282
Waterborne, UV-curing Polyurethane Dispersion.In the formulation of physically drying, waterborne UV-curing wood and plastic coatings.

Key Benefits

  • Customizable: Select a dispersion with exactly the properties you need.
  • Sustainable: Create environmentally friendly low-VOC adhesives and coatings.
  • Durable: Rely on excellent resistance to chemicals, weathering and UV radiation.
  • Fast: Speed up your customers’ processes with fast-drying products.

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