Automotive load floors driven by durability with Baypreg®

In an ever-changing world, drivers’ needs and the demands on their vehicles are also continually changing. These include reliability, safety and convenience. Durable Baypreg® PUR composite load floors are a great solution. It is helping drivers, designers and interior engineers to redefine mobility.
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Durable, lightweight, easy ... the many benefits of Baypreg® PUR composite material 

Baypreg® is a PUR product line that is used to construct composite automotive load floors. These are often installed in the rear cargo area of a vehicle. 
The floor panel solution is created quickly in an efficient manufacturing process. The inner honeycomb structure (typically made of paper) is combined with glass fibers. The PUR is sprayed onto the honeycomb and glass fibers, and the component is compressed in a mold. When the PUR composite material sets, it creates a very strong and rigid panel that is also lightweight. Thanks to this easy production process, the manufacturing of such panels is also cost-effective. 

Strength and durability take top priority 

When it comes to the cargo area of automobiles, it is essential that the load floor is very strong. After all, it must withstand heavy loads such as suitcases, boxes or beverage crates. 
To cater to this need, we developed Baypreg® PUR composite material. Floor panels made with Baypreg® are highly rigid and retain their strength even with heavy loads. 
What’s more, the PUR technology comprises high-quality composite material that is able to last for many years. So customers can truly enjoy their vehicles for years to come.

“Baypreg® is durable and lightweight, for many years of reliable use in automotive load floors. Equally, the production process of PUR composite material makes it easy and cost-effective for series manufacturing.”

Galen Greene

Marketing Manager – PUR Automotive

Lightweight construction supports sustainability

Car interior designers and automotive engineers aim to consider the weight of vehicles with each new model. The lighter the vehicle is, the less fuel it requires, making it more sustainable and easier on drivers’ wallets.
Due to the properties of load floors made with PUR, automotive load floors remain lightweight – without comprising stability and rigidity. 
This means Baypreg® PUR material meets multiple needs of vehicle owners and helps satisfy their wish for more fuel efficiency. 
At the same time, our Research and Development Center is continually pushing the boundaries to make Baypreg® even better. 

Design freedom meets cost-effective production

Important for interior engineers is the ability to create new designs for the vehicles of tomorrow, including electric vehicles. 
Because Baypreg® PUR foam is a spray application, it can be formed into various shapes. This makes it an excellent option for unique shapes, futuristic lines, and organic-like curves.  
Thanks to the easy production process, Baypreg® PUR foam can be produced relatively quickly and efficiently. The benefit is low production costs, especially for series manufacturing. 

Always driven by innovation

At Covestro, we invented the Baypreg® PUR spray system back in the late 1990s as a new durable and lightweight solution. This invention is just one of our many PUR highlights. 
Even today, we continue to innovate with Baypreg®. The material can be taken beyond the rear cargo load floor and offers benefits to other interior and exterior applications. Because the material is lightweight, it contributes to making lighter, more fuel-efficient vehicles.
We are extending this technology to other areas, as well, such as roof parts. It is also possible to use various core materials as well as different surface materials. 

Key Benefits

  • Durability: Load floor panels made of PUR are stable and rigid to withstand heavy loads.
  • Lightweight: PUR load floors are light in weight, making for an overall lighter vehicle.
  • Cost-effective: Production is low cost, making PUR a solution for large-series load floors.
  • Sustainable: The light weight enables vehicles to consume less fuel and be more sustainable.
  • Versatile: Engineers enjoy greater design freedom for the car interiors of the future.

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