New solutions for more sustainable automotive coatings and concept door panels

Covestro’s legacy of new solutions based on innovation brings forth high-quality and cost-efficient applications that allow OEMs and suppliers to look into the future and take design and engineering to a new level without compromising on key aspects such as style or performance.
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Blending durability and sustainability for the premium look and a memorable passenger experience

Automotive OEMs and their suppliers continue to seek material solutions that offer future-oriented and more sustainable properties, but they are not willing to compromise on performance or quality. This is the case both for interior trim parts and for the exterior coating. New solutions should also generate savings in processing costs. 
We partnered with designer Miika Heikkinen to create a door panel exhibit that brings these solutions to life. 
Furthermore, our Covestro Coatings and Adhesives business entity collaborated closely with Covestro’s Engineering Plastics business entity to offer a prototype that presents designers with innovative material solutions.

Reduced emissions and cost-effective applications for high-quality interiors and exteriors

Thanks to INSQIN® water-based polyurethane (PU) coating in combination with an adhesive based on a Dispercoll® U dispersions, we create translucent optical properties, coating adhesion and deep color effects in door panel covers.
These are two aqueous, low-VOC solutions which have been developed specifically with a view to presenting cost-effective and sustainable applications for the future requirements of car interiors.
Since no solvent has to be washed out after the application of the INSQIN® coating, automotive OEMs can save up to 95% water in contrast to substances produced on a solvent basis. 
As a vegan solution, the lower CO₂ emissions and the reduced energy consumption of INSQIN® can reduce the total CO₂ balance of synthetic material by up to 45% and at the same time offer a nearly odorless indoor air quality.

“INSQIN® technology delivers a soft touch surface with the look and feel of natural leather at a lower cost, but without odor. It also opens up new design possibilities with a range of colors and dynamic transparent and translucent effects. And it does all this while reducing the overall carbon footprint of synthetic materials by up to 45%.”

Thomas Michaelis

Head of Textile Coating EMLA, Covestro

Formulations to improve the CO₂ balance and the more sustainable production of low VOC materials

The CO₂ balance can be further improved using Impranil® CQ DLU which consists of approximately 35 wt. % renewable carbon.
The application involves a partly bio-based waterborne soft-touch coating with up to 33% renewable carbon in the final formulation.
The Impranil® range of high-performance, waterborne dispersions makes it an excellent choice for more sustainable processes, especially as it is well suited to the production of low VOC synthetic materials.

“Our Blulogiq® thermolatent hardener technology solves several problems in automotive coatings. OEMs can lower their oven temperature for energy efficiency and better carbon footprint, or enhance productivity on high-temp coating lines. It brings curing-on-demand to a 2K PU coating system.”

Markus Mechtel

Head of Marketing Automotive Coatings EMEA/LATAM, Covestro

Energy efficient Blulogiq® clearcoat technology for high-quality surfaces and lower CO₂ emissions

As far as the exterior coating of door panels is concerned, Blulogiq® technology enables a low-bake painting process with significant CO₂ savings and without compromising on performance and durability. 

As a recognized global leader in design services, we strive to take a future-driven, holistic approach that meet tomorrow’s realities as well as placing end user needs at the heart of our designs. This concept door panel shows how material technologies can open up new future-oriented designs that are not only more sustainable but also bring added value for consumers by simplifying interiors to make them calmer and more purposeful, resulting in truly seamless journeys.

Miika Heikkinen

Founding Partner, Northern Works, Finland

Value-added solutions in future mobility

Concept door panels show how material technologies reduce CO₂ and create smart features in mobility.

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Key Benefits

  • Low-VOC solutions: INSQIN® is cost-effective and can reduce water consumption by up to 95%.
  • Less energy needed: INSQIN® can reduce the total CO₂ balance of synthetic materials by up to 45%.
  • Design freedom: INSQIN® allows for a wide range of colors, door panel surfaces and smart trims.
  • Lower CO₂  emissions: Blulogiq® enables significant CO₂ savings and high-quality surfaces.

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