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Desmodur®: For quality coatings, adhesives and PU foams

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When it comes to high-quality polyurethane applications, Desmodur® polyisocyanates from Covestro are renowned for their versatility. Along with Covestro polyols, they are a key component for the production of exceptional polyurethane-based products with wide-ranging properties.

Our comprehensive range of Desmodur® polyisocyanates for flexible and rigid foams, binders, integral skin foams, composites, solventborne and high solids polyurethane (PU) coatings, adhesives and sealants offers tremendous formulating freedom. PUs based on Desmodur® are used in upholstery, mattresses, car seats, thermal insulation (buildings, refrigeration), wheels, rollers and dashboards. They are also used as coatings to protect everyday products such as cars, trucks and buses, appliances and electronics, wood furniture and cabinetry, interior and exterior walls, floors, window frames, food packaging and, not least, marine vessels, bridges and other infrastructure. In addition, Desmodur® makes it possible to optimize adhesives with a wide range of high-performance building blocks.

Featured Products

Desmodur® N 3400
Aliphatic polyisocyanate (HDI uretdione). As the hardener component for lightfast polyurethane coating systems.

Key Benefits

  • Versatile: Adaptable for just about any PU foam, coating or adhesive application.
  • Durable: Excellent resistance to chemicals, weathering and UV radiation.
  • Proven: Desmodur® polyisocyanates have a track record that spans 70 years.

Brochures & Downloads

Corrosion Protection.pdf
Desmodur eco 7300 Onepager.pdf
Desmodur XP 2802 Onepager.pdf
Elastomers Desmodur index.pdf
Elastomers hand moulding brochure.pdf
Raw Materials for High Performance Adhesives
Desmodur white Ali Foams Flyer
Desmodur Bayhydur Ultra Line Flyer.pdf
Polyisocyanate and Prepolymers.pdf

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