LED lighting – tailored polycarbonate products for innovation

Makrolon® polycarbonates enable the manufacturing of energy-efficient optical parts for LED luminaires. Whether for diffusors or reflectors in luminaires, thermo-conductive heatsinks, ultra-transparent lenses, or light blocking components – our portfolio offers you all the building blocks for your lighting innovations.
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Our Makrolon® portfolio for lighting applications

Our wide range of Makrolon® products meet the needs of luminaire manufacturers when it comes to creating energy-efficient lighting solutions that are both sustainable and effective. Depending on the application, this requires high lumen efficiency per watt, light guiding or thermal conductive properties, flame retardancy, or a multifunctional design. 
The Covestro portfolio includes transparent, translucent, reflective white, light blocking, thermal conductive, and flame retardant grades:
Makrolon® LED: Upmost transmission (> 90%) to improve efficacy for transparent luminaire covers, lenses, light guides, or other optics. 
Makrolon® DQ: Three levels of translucency with maximum transmission, offering individually suitable opacity for your luminaires. 
Makrolon® RW: Ideal surface for reflectors in aesthetic white with up to 97% diffuse reflection in all directions. Easy for the eyes without glare and available as a light- blocking variant to avoid light leakage. 
Makrolon® TC: Maximized thermal conductivity for plastic solutions, e. Enabling the replacement of metals in heat sinks with less weight, more design freedom, and an energy- efficient production. 
Makrolon® FR: Flame retardant variants of LED, DQ, RW, and TC products for high demands on light and safety. Special solutions also for high requirements in rail, aircraft or other public transportation applications.

More sustainable material solutions in the lighting industry

Sustainability is a central aspect of Covestro's strategy. Our polycarbonate solutions for lighting applications enable energy-efficient and long-term stable systems with significantly lower weight than glass or aluminum products. In addition, alongside fossil-based production, our core products are also available as Makrolon® RE grades. These are manufactured using raw materials from ISCC Plus certified mass-balanced biowaste and residual materials, as well as renewable energy, and enable significant CO2 savings.

Build your individual lighting solution with our LED Product Finder 

Makrolon® polycarbonates offer a bunch great deal of diverse lighting solutions for more efficiency and design freedom. Take a deep dive into our efficient and sustainable lighting portfolio to learn more about our transparent, diffuse quality, reflective white, thermal conductive, and flame- retardant products.  

Use our LED Product Finder for detailed information on the individual products in these categories or contact our experts. Choose the polycarbonate category in which you are interested in and find out which Makrolon® grades we offer.


Key benefits

  • Specialized: Individual materials for a wide variety of applications in optics, lenses, luminaires and heat sinks.
  • Glass-like transparency: Highest light transmission capability, more design freedom, and much lighter than glass.
  • Long-term stable:  Optimized products for exposure over long periods (significantly reduced "yellowing").
  • Ultra-tough:  Strong Impact and break-resistance even at low temperatures.
  • Ease of use: Excellent processing properties due to individual products for injection molding and extrusion.


LED Portfolio Brochure (EN)

Case studies

  • Case study

    Translucent Makrolon® DQ in Steinel® luminaires

    Covestro translucent Makrolon® DQ series enables the luminaire manufacturer Steinel® to create diffusers without hot spots and outstanding energy efficiency.

  • Case study

    More sustainable luminaire from biowaste and -residues

    Famostar and Covestro launch emergency lighting portfolio made from mass-compatible biowaste. Learn more!

  • Case study

    360° holographic display

    Together with Sony, we developed a 360 degree holographic display that showcases high-tech solutions for AR

  • Case study

    Trevos : INNOVA Series

    Makrolon ® DQ5122 meets customer needs to provide energy efficiency at a lower cost

  • Case study

    Aesthetic design toolkits

    CMF design toolkits for global aesthetic trends in the electronics and electrical, automotive, and healthcare industries: the 2022/2023 edition

  • Case study

    More sustainable lighting | Covestro AG

    Covestro is working with Elkamet and Megalight Systems to provide more sustainable materials for lighting appliances

  • Case study

    LED heatsinks

    A thermally conductive Makrolon® TC especially for LED heatsinks

  • Case study

    Makrolon® diffusion grades light the way to enhanced design and sustainability

    LED technology enables lighting OEMs to design lighting concepts that are sustainable, but there is always room for improvement. The diffusion properties of Makrolon® DQ5162 polycarbonate helps lighting OEMs push the boundaries of design … and sustainability.

  • Case study

    Makrolon® TC LED technology for swimming pool luminaires

    Thanks to Makrolon® TC, Ecopyre Lighting was able to produce excellent luminaires for swimming pools

  • Case study

    Smart surfaces in cars

    Makrofol® film and Makrolon® Ai resin allow electronics to be integrated into thin, strong 3D shaped plastic surfaces.


  • Digital Service

    Digital sampling with Imagio®

    Access our material library anywhere.. anytime … with Imagio® and create digital prototypes that bring your designs to life! Learn more now!

  • Story

    Innovation shines brightly in slim, modular headlamp module

    Lightweighting, modularity and functional integration of LED headlamp designs enable innovation, inspire awe

  • Story

    Smart Pole Solution for Smart Cities Sustainable Development

    Ensuring that multi-functional devices installed on smart poles in complex outdoor environments operate stably, while meeting the aesthetic requirements of urban infrastructure and the sustainable development  trend

  • Story

    More sustainable plastics

    Alternative raw materials, new recycling methods, design approaches and joint solutions are making plastics more circular.

  • Story

    One material unleashing endless LED light possibilities

    Covestro is innovating with a single plastic material to empower LED functionality – from security cameras to smart lamps.

  • Story

    Polycarbonate Resin

    Engineering thermoplastic polycarbonate from Covestro enhances the design and functionality of products in a wide variety of markets.


  • Technology

    Makrolon® TC thermal plastics

    Makrolon® TC thermally conductive plastics combine heat management with functional integration, low weight, and reduced radio frequency (RF) interference.

UL Yellow Card Finder

  • Tool

    UL Yellow Cards

    UL Yellow Cards for Covestro polycarbonates and polycarbonate blends

Other electronic applications

  • Application


    Durable, flame-retardant, aesthetic polycarbonates and high-insulating PU foams keep household appliances running safely and reliably, with improved energy efficiency

  • Application

    Batteries & chargers

    High-performance polycarbonates and PC blends deliver proven safety and design flexibility for battery and charger housings

  • Application

    Screens and displays

    Smart materials for innovative screen and display designs

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