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A premium TPU that not only provides a high degree of flexibility and resistance across a wide range of temperatures but is also capable of running the entire structural spectrum from hard and stiff - to soft and elastic. Now that’s versatility! It’s also what makes our TPU ideal for an exceptionally wide range of industrial and consumer applications. 
Its high degree of adaptability can even combine the contrasting features of rubber and plastics in terms of flexibility and rigidity, making it a processing multi-talent that’s ready for any challenge. And while TPU is produced in part with biomass, we are able to continually expand its possibilities, thus enabling more sustainable solutions for our customers.
Enjoy more versatility, application freedom and premium quality with a TPU that’s ready for all your plans.
Case study

TPU truck tarps

One day, a thermoplastic polyurethane tarp could cover truck cargo, become a bag, then get recycled into new products.  

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Case study

Sustainable footwear as part of the circular economy

Covestro provides TPU solution for Chaei Hsin’s Joniro® athletic footwear brand to contribute to circular economy in footwear production. Learn more!

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TPU car paint protection 

Paint protection film (PPF) with a core of transparent Desmopan® 88395AU TPU provides 5-10 years of car surface protection.

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Case study

Covestro supports circular material solutions for smartphones

Covestro’s Makrolo® and Desmopan® recycled material solutions support Fairphone 4 module design, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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