TPU specially formulated for mobile phone protection

There is a growing need for shock protection applications such as mobile phone cases. In response, we developed a new class of thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU) capable of absorbing far more impact energy than is usual in this materials category.
Mobile phone sizes are getting bigger, in addition to which, glass enclosure is becoming increasingly popular. This adds up to phone cases that need to be more robust and impact resistant than ever before.

Meet demand for more effective impact absorbing materials

Designers are always on the lookout for materials capable of absorbing greater amounts of impact energy… and surviving increasingly more challenging impact tests.

Improved mobile phone protection with Desmopan®

To meet growing demand for better protective materials we developed our Desmopan® 3870AUSP and 3885AUSP grades, which absorb a lot more impact energy than regular thermoplastics. These advanced materials demonstrate their ability to absorb energy with an extremely low-ball impact resilience score (which is less than 20%, compared to 45% with typical polyester-based TPU of similar hardness).

Why Desmopan® 3870AUSP and 3885AUSP are perfect solutions for mobile phone cases

  • Shock absorbing: The ability to absorb more impact energy offers better protection.
  • Adaptable: We offer a choice of harnesses: 70A or 85A.
  • Design freedom: Bonds with substrates such as polycarbonate without need of an adhesive.
  • Ultra-durable: Abrasion-, UV- and chemical-resistance ensure material lasts.
  • Strong: Offers high mechanical strength and flexibility.

Protect delicate mobile phones from damaging impact

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