EV battery packaging: With safe, cost-efficient and dependable polycarbonates

Battery packaging plays a vital role in the effective functioning of electric vehicle batteries - by keeping them safe, durable and dependable. Which is why we have developed polycarbonate-based materials tough enough to meet our customers’ most demanding battery packaging requirements.

Featured Brands

Versatile toughness via blends of PC+ABS; PC+ASA; ABS+PC and PC+SAN
Smart combinations of polycarbonate and polyester in ultra-tough materials
High-performance polycarbonate for applications in diverse industries.

Key benefits

  • Proven performance: Used in Li-ion cell packaging for EVs and many other electrical goods.
  • Mechanically robust: Materials are impact-resistant over a wide temperature range.
  • Flame-retardant: Category V-0 of Underwriters Laboratories' UL94 flammability classification.
  • Specialized: Leverage polycarbonates and experience specific to EV battery packaging.
  • Customization: We will help you develop solutions that best fit your battery packaging needs.
Fitting large numbers of lithium-ion battery cells into a small space requires cell holders, frames and housing components that are dimensionally stable, mechanically robust and impact-resistant over a wide temperature range. Depending on battery pack design, the material must also be flame-retardant and meet category V-0 of Underwriters Laboratories' UL94 flammability classification, even at low wall thicknesses down to 0.75 millimeters. We have developed dedicated polycarbonate blends to meet these requirements. Our materials include flame-retardant Bayblend® FR, which is ideal for cell holders and battery modules; Makroblend® with the high impact strength needed in protective housing; and Makrolon® TC, a thermally conductive PC that aids the efficient thermal management of batteries.
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