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Desmoseal® adds sustainability to sealants and adhesives

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Desmoseal® prepolymers enable the formulation of hybrid, one-component (1K), flexible adhesives and elastic sealants with a wide range of useful characteristics. Importantly, the low VOC content of Desmoseal® materials makes a wide variety of high-performance industrial products with a significantly improved environmental profile possible.

The spectrum of what Desmoseal® prepolymers can do is broad: It includes the creation of low-modulus sealants with high elongation; structural adhesives with high hardness and high tensile strength; good adhesion to different substrates (in many cases without primer) combined with good cohesive and elastic properties; great adhesive strength; a high degree of elastic recovery; excellent mechanical properties; bubble-free curing, even in thick layers; and good additive compatibility. The high-grade sealants and adhesives Desmoseal® prepolymers make possible are used for construction, transportation and other industrial applications.

Key Benefits

  • Sustainable: Low VOC improves the environmental profile of adhesives and sealants.
  • Sound structural adhesive: Has high hardness and high tensile strength.
  • Versatile: Adheres well to different substrates, in many cases without primer
  • Bubble-free: Cures well, even in thick layers.
  • Compatible: Offers good additive compatibility.

Brochures & Downloads

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