Meet our Skins®: Rubbert, Sandy, Silky and Vel-Veeto

They’re a fun bunch and love to add character to packaging with special coatings. They open up a whole new world of creative opportunities and tactile sensations for packaging design. And for much higher volumes than previously possible.

They may be fun, but there’s lots of serious science behind them. It’s all down to a thing called haptic perception, that’s the feeling between human skin and surfaces. Skins® play around with things like stiffness and surface properties to create lots of exciting new tactile opportunities. 

These innovative print finishing products are brought to you by Covestro, and based on years of experience in haptic coatings. We can work with you to provide an excellent solution to your coating needs, one that feels just right.

Which of the Skins® is your skin? 

Send us a sample of your own inspirational material. Our Haptics experts can give you a report on what kind of feel your customers are experiencing.  

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What are they all about? 

Skins® are our innovative print finishing wizards. Equally happy on flexo, gravure or offset, they use microtechnology to give your products a whole new look and feel. These little guys are fast too – able to complete a soft touch varnish job in a single pass!  

How do they do it? By understanding the science of touch and the printing process. They know their chemistry inside-out and so create soft-feel coatings that have the right suppleness, smoothness, roughness, stiffness, velvety-ness, rubbery-ness… whatever feel you’re after. Basically, they create the right chemistry between a product and the customer’s sense of touch.  

Now, how could they help you?

Of all our senses, touch is the only one that is dispersed across our entire bodies yet its influence on how we appreciate the world around us is often overlooked. Like to find out more on tactile effects? 

How can we help?

Want to know more about using, applying or processing Skins® technology? 

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Want to try Skins® for your brand? Do you have a question? Or just want to keep in touch with the latest news from Rubbert, Sandy, Silky, Vel-Veeto and the gang? We're here for you! Just choose one of the options below to get in touch. 

We’re on the lookout for our next Skins® 

Which Skins® should we make next? We’re always open to ideas and would love to hear suggestions. 

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