Desmomelt® U based adhesives for digital, automated application in textiles

Individualization is a major trend in the textile industry. Adhesive formulations based on Desmomelt® U aliphatic PU raw materials can be printed digitally, for more automation in the production of individualized textiles and wearables. Precise application also cuts waste without impacting quality.
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Demand for individualized textiles, fashion sportswear and smart fabrics is rising

Product cycles in textiles, the fashion industry and the leisurewear sectors are accelerating, with new products demanding shorter and shorter times to market. At the same time, smart textiles and wearable technologies with integrated sensors and circuitry are on the rise, creating products that are increasingly tailored to the individual consumer. Sustainability concerns also play a growing role in customer textile purchase decisions.
Manufacturers of smart fabrics face the dilemma of how to keep up with evolving consumer tastes and sustainability expectations, integrate the latest technologies, and enable more individualized textile products with a greater degree of automation. More automation in the application of textile adhesives is particularly welcome, as this process is often still handled via screen printing, roll or brush, or cut film application.

Why digital adhesive application can be a sticking point

Digital printing technologies are an attractive option for the textile industry because they enable brands to cope with quicker product lifecycles and meet the customer demand for individualized and sustainable fabrics. Research and development in the industry has focused on maximizing automated and digital production. 
Digitizing the application of glue is a high priority because in textile production, this process can be very labor intensive. Extrusion, inkjet and valvejet printers all lend themselves well to highly precise glue application and the customization of bond lines because solid layer thicknesses of 30–100 μm are achievable using this technology. However, applying polyurethane (PU) based commercial adhesives to textiles using a 2D printer can be a “sticky” process due to evaporation and clogging of the printer nozzles. 

Desmomelt® U based adhesive formulations engineered for robust and precise digital application

Our high-performance PU adhesives based on Desmomelt® U are engineered specifically for digital application, and solve the concerns associated with the 2D printing of PU-based adhesives
Desmomelt® U based adhesive formulations for inkjet and valvejet printing exhibit reliable jetting behavior, which enables defined and precise application of adhesives to various fabrics using commercial digital printing technologies.
Further, Desmomelt® U can be precisely applied to textiles via hotmelt extrusion, making it especially attractive for footwear applications. Applying the adhesive to fabric with such high precision reduces material waste and cuts the number of off-spec products. Specific adhesive formulations can be applied in exactly the right amounts and exactly where they are really needed, even on complex textile patterns. Individualization and design freedom can be used to their full potential by digital application without having to mask specific areas. This can be an advantage where sensitive substrates need to be glued onto fabrics, including on wearables integrating electronic.

“Printable formulations based on our new Desmomelt® U product line enable the textile industry to print adhesives with high precision, ensuring that fashion, sportswear and leisure brands can keep up to speed with the current market trends.”

Dr. Ann-Christin Bijlard-Jung

Business Development Digital Printing, Covestro

Your trusted partner for digitally printable adhesive raw materials for textile applications

As one of the trusted global leaders in polyurethane raw materials for adhesives, we’re using our expertise to automate the textile glue application process with 2D digital printing, in collaboration with adhesive producers and clothing brands in the sports and leisure industry.
Our new Desmomelt® U range of adhesive raw materials can be delivered as high-performance low activation energy powders for application by powder scattering, or can be processed into a range of new non-yellowing adhesive hot melt films perfectly tailored to your footwear and textile processing requirements. Where increased heat resistance in the adhesive bond line is needed, our Desmomelt® U can be easily combined with Desmodur® crosslinkers. 
Our digitally printable Desmomelt® U based adhesive formulations provide you the freedom for individualized textile design coupled with a high degree of automation and the trusted performance of PU-based adhesives. 

Key Benefits

  • Digital production: Desmomelt® U formulations can be digitally printed as hotmelts or adhesive inks.
  • Digital precision: Adhesives for textile applications can now be printed where they are needed.
  • PU performance: Desmomelt® U offers the trusted high performance of PU adhesives.
  • Custom form: Deliverable as powder for printable adhesives customized for your application.
  • Individualization: Complex fabric patterns and three-dimensional substrates can be glued precisely.

Digitally printable Desmomelt® U adhesives for textiles enable a high degree of automation and individualization.

Desmomelt® U textile adhesives

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