2D printed hot melt adhesives enable high precision in electronics assembly

Assembly of electronic parts requires precision glue application on complex structures such as smartphone displays. Adhesives based on Desmomelt® U enable electronics producers to apply adhesives in a digital process. Used as a thermoplastic hot melt, they can also help to make end-of-life recycling easier.

Electronic device makers are under pressure to optimize production

Makers of electronic devices and adhesives face strong pressure to make their production as lean and cost-efficient as possible, and to automate their manufacturing wherever practical. In parallel, end-of-life and recyclability is a consideration that is starting to affect consumer purchase decisions.
Applying adhesives to electronic displays can be a laborious part of the production process, because this typically involves either carefully applying and trimming adhesive foils, or using reactive two component hot melts that crosslink to form a high-performance bond on complex display forms. That quick processing and strong bond comes with a downside, making it harder to disassemble the electronic device at the end of its useful life. Some electronics producers are seizing this multi-layered dilemma as an opportunity to innovate and automate.

Automated 2D digital application of adhesives using Desmomelt®U in electronic assembly

Our Desmomelt® U non-yellowing aliphatic raw materials combine the high molecular weight, high green strength and high performance of waterborne adhesives with the easy processing of a PU hot melt. This innovative adhesive raw material offers adjustable open times for increased processing flexibility. 
Making use of a digital, CAD-based printing process allows a straightforward approach to design gluing pathways even for complex 3D shapes.
When used as thermoplastic material, Desmomelt® U can enhance sustainability by making the end-of-life disassembly of parts like smartphones easier.

“Desmomelt® U adhesive raw materials from Covestro give electronics producers a high-performance product that can be applied precisely in a digital process while keeping end-of-life disassembly in mind. We are happy to share our raw material know-how and expertise in putting 2D printing technology to work.”

Dr. Ann-Christin Bijlard-Jung

Business Development Digital Printing, Covestro

Key Benefits

  • Complex geometries: Digital printing based on Desmomelt U enables complex CAD-based gluing paths.
  • Precise application: Desmomelt® U based hot melts can be digitally printed exactly where needed.
  • Easier recycling: Thermoplastic raw materials allow a temperature triggered disassembly of parts.
  • Trusted performance: Desmomelt® U adhesive materials offer the trusted properties of PU adhesives.
  • Leaner production: Automating the adhesive application reduces the processing steps required.
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