New Pasquick® for rail and transportation coatings

Rail OEMs and operators are looking for ways to save energy and increase their productivity during the coating process. Heating the drying oven up to 60°C is one of the most expensive cost factors in coating rail and other transportation vehicles. This means a clear demand for ambient curing and a faster production process without heating up & cooling down the oven.
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Thanks to our new Pasquick® technology, clearcoats and topcoats can be quickly cured at room temperature

Our latest Pasquick® developments combine a very fast, ultra-high solid system with best-in-class industrial hygiene standards.

New Pasquick® technology opens the door to very fast ambient curing in rail and transportation coatings

Polyaspartic technology has proved its worth in various industries for many years, including in corrosion protection, construction and automotive refinish. Our new Desmophen® NH and Desmodur® ultra products and ambient-curing Pasquick® technology are a winning combination for coatings in rail and other transportation vehicles. On the one hand, customers can save both costs and energy while at the same time achieving the highest standards in industrial hygiene.

Why not take an in-depth look at the opportunities Pasquick® opens up for you and your customers? Download the one pager and brochure below to find out more.

“In discussions with the rail industry we learned that oven drying is a pain point that costs time and money. New Pasquick® technology brings savings in both areas.”

Thomas Baeker

Marketing Manager, Covestro

  • Fast curing at ambient temperature Curing times can be reduced by up to three times compared to conventional coatings at ambient temperature.
  • High film thicknesses enable fewer coating layers  Fewer coating layers contribute to savings on total painting operation costs.
  • Lower energy cost Pasquick® helps eliminate the need for an oven and the associated high energy cost.
  • Suitable for formulation of DTM coatings and ultra-high solids Meets the increasing demand for Direct-To-Metal coatings and ultra-high solids.

Brochure & One-Pager

New Pasquick® – opens the door to very fast ambient curing in the rail and transportation coatings industry
Polyaspartic Technology

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