Pasquick® for high-productivity protective coatings

Protective coatings manufacturers often face the challenge of having to increase the productivity of painting operations, e.g. to increase the throughput of a paint shop.
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Thanks to our Pasquick® technology topcoats can be applied at high film thicknesses to reduce the number of layers. Applicators can expect 5-10 percent savings potential on total painting operation costs. This makes Pasquick® the means of choice for projects with tight budgets – especially in regions with increased wage levels. Since Pasquick® binders also cure quickly at ambient temperatures, they are ideal for boosting productivity in painting operations. The faster the application, the more economical the coating process. Curing times can be reduced by up to three times. This can help your customers to profit from greater flexibility, meet tight deadlines, avoid bottlenecks and he can handle more projects simultaneously.

Suitable for ultra-high solids

Pasquick® binders are also suitable for formulating ultra-high solids for protective coating applications, e.g. on wind turbine towers. VOC-levels of lower than 250g/l are possible. With a range of Desmophen® NH and Desmodur® N products suitable for corrosion protection, users can customize the Pasquick® technology to suit their specific needs.

Proven technology for more than 15 years

In more than 15 years of real-life applications, the technology has shown that its performance is fully on par with conventional multiple-coat systems. This is also reflected in the latest version of the standard ISO 12944-5, where polyaspartic based coatings are specified.

“When talking to corrosion protection customers I often hear them say they need to shorten application times. Our Pasquick® technology helps them to do just that.”

Thomas Baeker

Marketing Manager, Covestro

  • High film thickness Less layers to apply mean lower labor costs.
  • Suitable for ultra-high solids VOC-levels of lower than 250g/l are possible
  • Fast curing Curing times can be reduced by up to three times
  • Long term corrosion protection More than 15 years of real-life applications.

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Pasquick® brochure – Pasquick® Polyaspartic Technology – Change the Coatings Game
Changing the coatings game: Pasquick® for high-productivity applications.

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