Solar panels: Our elastomers ensure reliable production and long service life

Solar energy facilities require precision-made panels that are strong and durable enough to withstand demanding environmental conditions for decades. This requires specialist materials such as our PU elastomers, which enable the manufacture of quality solar panels.

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Key Benefits

  • Ultra-tough: High resistance to abrasion and environmental conditions.
  • Cost effective: Desmodur® offers a long service life with low maintenance costs.
  • Short cycle times: Improved material characteristics result in faster production processes.
  • Ease of use: Our materials make elastomer-coated rollers simple to produce.
  • Long service life: Not having to replace parts often means lower maintenance costs.
To ensure safe and reliable production of their solar assets, power producers rely on our high-performance Desmodur® elastomer coating materials to play a key role in the manufacture of their solar panels. The cutting of silicon wafers for solar panel cells is performed with steel or diamond wires guided through pulleys or rollers made with Desmodur elastomers, which are robust enough to resist cutting by the wire saw. And this high abrasion resistance demonstrates just one of the significant advantages high-performing Desmodur® offers. It also has high tear- and hydrolysis-resistance that translate to long service life with low maintenance costs – all of which is very attractive to a solar industry focused on reliability, efficiency and cost management.

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