Pasquick® provides high-performance corrosion protection while saving costs

The Lotse Canal separates Harburg’s Schlossinsel (“castle island”) from Hamburg city center. To improve accessibility in both directions, the city authorities decided to build a new swing bridge for pedestrians and cyclists across the 44-meter-wide canal.
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Hamburg wanted an innovative and cost-effective coating technology for the Lotse Canal swing bridge.

Provide a proven coating solution

As a matter of principle, public authorities will only consider the introduction of innovative materials if their successful performance has already been proven beyond any doubt and they additionally deliver savings for the public purse.

Pasquick® protects the bridge and saves money

With years of experience of using this application in other fields of engineering, it was clear that Pasquick® technology would protect the structure just as thoroughly against corrosion damage as previous coating systems – and, thanks to needing one layer less, would deliver savings at the same time. As a result, the swing bridge across the Lotse Canal became the first application of Pasquick® in a public infrastructure project in Germany. The unique Pasquick® benefits were confirmed by Sherwin-Williams, the manufacturer who provided the coating for the bridge: “Pasquick® technology enabled a curing process that was four times faster than normal, resulting in a significant productivity boost.”

Protect the structure and the budget

Pasquick® technology enabled a curing process that was four times faster than normal, resulting in a significant productivity boost.

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Why Pasquick® was the right solution for Sherwin-Williams

  • Ultra-durable: Thorough protection against corrosion.
  • Economical: The need for only one layer cuts costs.
  • Proven technology: Years of successful application in other fields.
  • Fast-curing: Cures four times faster than conventional solutions.
  • Ease of application: Good handling without the need for additional equipment or training measures.

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