Rail: Lighter, stronger, more protective exteriors

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Heavy-duty, impact-resistant polycarbonates are an ideal choice for rail exteriors. In addition to strength, these lightweight materials offer high resistance to shocks, breakage and explosions as well as improved sustainability. Use this combination of properties to create high-quality, durable train exteriors.

Talk to us about how Covestro materials for train exteriors can optimize the strength, safety, durability and sustainability of your rail vehicles. Our robust Makrolon® polycarbonates, for example, offer excellent optical transparency, making them a suitable option for train windscreens and windows, and one which is currently employed throughout the APAC region. In terms of impact strength, Makrolon® products outperform glass several times over, though they have only about half the weight. This makes trains lighter, more energy efficient and eco-friendly. Sustainability is further enhanced by Desmodur® eco, a bio-based hardener that reduces fossil fuel use in exterior coatings. From high-performance plastics to coatings, we’ve got your trains and your sustainability needs covered.

Key benefits

  • Hard wearing: Achieve optimal resistance to abrasion, chemicals, UV radiation and graffiti.
  • Sustainable: Choose lighter, recyclable materials to save fuel, money and the environment.
  • Increased comfort: Improve passenger comfort with better thermal and sound insulating properties.
  • Excellent transparency: Install high-visibility windscreens and windows.
  • Low maintenance: No unscheduled maintenance due to broken glass.
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