For healthcare applications such as medication delivery, surgical instruments, electromedical equipment and wound care, we offer dedicated thermoplastics, films, TPU, raw materials for adhesives, foams, and more.
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Respiratory medical device materials

Covestro material solutions meet ISO 18562 standards 

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Safe, simple anesthesia nasal mask

Covestro’s medical grade polycarbonate Makrolon® 2858 meets the demanding requirements of anesthesia nasal masks

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Needle-free injection Systems

PharmaJet’s Needle-free Injection Systems (NFIS) needed a polycarbonate material that could meet the property demands of the syringe and vial adapter while standing up to gamma radiation and ethylene oxide sterilization. Makrolon® was the answer.

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For the latest formulation of its SmartGuard® Anti-Snore product, designed to alleviate snoring, SmartGuard® chose Covestro’s Makrolon® 2858 polycarbonate resin for its combination of strength and biocompatibility.

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