Surgical: Specialized materials for critical medical applications

Medical device manufacturers rely on our portfolio of medical-grade polycarbonates and blends for a wide variety of surgical applications. These materials are often necessary to produce instruments and equipment surgeons can depend on during even the most complex operations.

Featured Brands

Heat-resistant thermoplastic for automotive, lighting, and medical technologies
Versatile toughness via blends of PC+ABS; PC+ASA; ABS+PC and PC+SAN
Smart combinations of polycarbonate and polyester in ultra-tough materials
High-performance polycarbonate for applications in diverse industries.

Key Benefits

  • Biocompatible:  Wide range of specialized, medical-grade materials in line with ISO 10993-1.
  • Ultra-durable:  High resistance to chemicals, heat, impact, and abrasion.
  • Sterilization:  Select medical grades can be sterilized by ethylene oxide gas, gamma radiation or steam.
  • Transparency:  Ranging from glass-like optical quality to translucent and opaque grades.
  • Expert assistance:  An industry leader with more than 50 years in specialized medical materials.
Surgical procedures are becoming increasingly complex with the move toward minimally invasive procedures, and the demand for safe surgical equipment continues to rise. Reliable material solutions, offering a range of engineering properties, are a necessity when designing critical instruments and equipment. Our specialized medical-grade polycarbonates and blends meet properties required for surgical devices, including mechanical strength, dimensional stability, chemical resistance, heat resistance, and even glass-like transparency while also supporting sterilization methods most commonly used in the medical industry.

Medical glass-filled Makrolon® polycarbonate: For devices that demand superior and lasting strength

Glass-filled Makrolon® polycarbonate offers the required balance of strength and stiffness for surgical instruments, making it an alternative to metal. With glass-filled Makrolon® polycarbonate, various surgical device components may be made smaller and thinner, resulting in an overall reduction in weight, which can improve the ease of use of handheld devices and portable equipment.
Glass-filled Makrolon® delivers superior and long-lasting strength for medical devices demanding reliable performance.

Apec® high-heat polycarbonate: Suitable for repeated steam sterilization up to 143°C

High-temperature Apec® polycarbonate can be used in the design and manufacturing of stringent sterilization disinfectant systems that are required for surgical devices. Compatibility with high-temperature autoclave sterilization allows hospitals to sterilize devices quickly for improved efficiency, lower costs and shorter waiting times for patients.
Sterilization systems made using Apec® 1745 high-heat polycarbonate.

Biocompatible Makrolon® polycarbonates: For reliable surgical devices

Our biocompatible Makrolon® polycarbonate offers toughness, glass-like transparency, heat resistance, dimensional stability, and the capability to be sterilized across a broad spectrum of techniques. These attributes make it well-suited to a variety of applications used during surgical procedures including trocars, robotic components, blood oxygenators and reservoirs, and much more.
Blood pumps made using Makrolon® polycarbonate circulate oxygenated blood during heart surgery.

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