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Ultra-tough Makroblend® for the toughest applications

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Covestro unites the superior properties of polycarbonate and polyester to give you Makroblend®. It’s a family of materials ultra-tough enough for ski equipment, automotive spoilers, lawn and garden equipment, housings for medical, electrical and electronic devices. And a whole lot more.

Makroblend® resins have a property profile that includes high toughness (even at low temperatures); good chemical resistance to many lubricants, solvents and cleaning agents; reduced susceptibility to stress cracking; great paintability and low moisture uptake. Makroblend® resins also offer rigidity with a high tensile modulus of 1,900 to 3,900 MPa, depending on the grade. The material has proved its toughness in applications for the lawn and garden, sporting goods, electrical and automotive industries. Mineral-filled Makroblend® grades are available with a low coefficient of linear thermal expansion (CLTE) and an excellent surface, which is required for automotive exterior parts like spoilers. We also supply eco-compliant flame-retardant grades (non-halogenated flame-retardant grades).

Featured Products

Makroblend® DP7645
(PC+PET) blend, impact modified, Injection molding grade, unreinforced, applications: automotive radiator grills
Makroblend® KU2-7609
(PC+PBT)-blend, impact modified, Injection molding grade, 20% mineral filled, applications: automotive exterior body panels
Makroblend® KU2-7912/4
(PC+PBT)-blend, impact modified, Injection molding grade, high toughness at low temperatures, ideal for painted applications, unreinforced, applications: automotive body panels
Makroblend® UT4045 G
(PC+PBT)-blend, 20% Glass fiber reinforced, easy release, injection molding. Makroblend UT4045G offers a high stiffness, excellent chemical resistance, good flowability and exceptional dimensional stability.

Key Benefits

  • Tough: High toughness even at low temperatures.
  • Durable: Chemical resistance and low susceptibility to stress cracking.
  • Adaptable: Good flowability and paintability.
  • Stable: Grades with low coefficient of linear thermal expansion (CLTE).
  • Specialized: Eco-compliant flame-retardant grades available.

Brochures & Downloads

Makroblend product range.pdf
Makroblend Typenuebersicht.pdf
Engineering Thermoplastics.pdf
Technische Thermoplaste.pdf
Polycarbonate blends for the electrical and electronics industries.pdf
Polycarbonate und Polycarbonat-Blends für die Elektro- und Elektronik-Industrie.pdf
Medical Brochure.pdf
Joining Techniques Design Guide.pdf
Part and Mold Design Brochure.pdf
Injection molding - Production equipment and machinery.pdf
Spritzgiessen Fertigungseinrichtungen.pdf
Snap-fit joints for plastic - A design guide.pdf

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