Thermoplastic polyurethane is specially designed for the high-speed signal transmission of 5G devices and accessories.

As 5G networks step into the fast lane, the number of 5G users and compatible devices continues to rise and the demand for related accessories for smartphone and tablet protection is subsequently increasing. To meet the demand for materials that have less on an effect on signal transmission speed, Covestro has developed a brand new thermoplastic polyurethane. The new Desmopan® 7000 features low dielectric constant(Dk) and low dielectric loss (Df) , and is suitable for high-speed signal transmission applications. This material can also be used in protective casing for smartphones.

Reduced signal loss and signal distortion in 5G applications 

Compared with 4G, 5G comes with higher network speeds and reliability, lower power and latency, and is capable of sustaining more active connections. Therefore, for 5G device casing materials, it is vital to reduce signal loss during transmission and reduce signal distortion. 

TPU materials with high signal penetration and excellent shock-absorption features

Covestro has developed the Desmopan® 7000 series with low Dk/Df characteristics suitable for high-speed signal transmission applications. It maintains the excellent shock-absorbing and vibration-damping features of thermoplastic polyurethane, which are needed to provide the best possible protection for mobile devices.  

Our solution – the Desmopan®7000 series 

To meet the growing demand for 5G device accessories and protective casing materials, Covestro has launched its new Desmopan® 7000 series. This series of products has lower dielectric constant and dielectric loss, which can effectively reduce signal loss and lessen the impact on signal propagation speeds in 5G applications.  

The Desmopan® 7000 series also features good durability and flexibility at a wider temperature range and excellent elasticity throughout the entire hardness rangeto meet the different needs of various 5G products. The material  also demonstrates good adhesion to several engineering plastics such as polycarbonate, and ABS. 

“With the continuous development of 5G technology, the requirements for 5G applications will only increase. We have developed Desmopan® 7000 specifically for 5G applications. It is an ideal solution for protective 5G device covers as it can effectively reduce signal loss during transmission and challenge the transmission limitations of 5G applications."

Wilson Chan

Head of Business Development, Asia Pacific (Thermoplastic Polyurethane)

Key Benefits

  • 5G signal friendly  Lower dielectric constant and dielectric loss, providing higher signal penetration
  • Durable Abrasion, UV, and chemical resistant, Maintains good functionality across a wide temperature range
  • Soft Touch  Excellent haptics
  • Firm and stable  The material has excellent mechanical strength and elasticity
  • Design freedom  Ability to bind to substrates such as polycarbonate without adhesives
  • Stain-resistant  Resistant to fabric dyes, retaining the aesthetic appeal of phone cases

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