Bayfol® HX film makes ID security easier and brand counterfeiting harder

Bayfol® HX film from Covestro enables bright security holograms with intense, pure and resilient colors that are visible even in dim light, making it easy to verify authentic elements in everyday situations. This makes counterfeiting more difficult and improves ID security and brand protection.
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Vivid security holograms make everyday verification easier and counterfeiting more difficult.

Volume holograms: authenticity made vibrant and visible

Decision-makers in the ID security and brand protection sectors understand that customers rely on printed holograms as a quick, easy way to verify that IDs and high value branded goods are truly authentic. In everyday situations, especially when lighting is not optimal, the security elements on banknotes, ID cards and branded items must be clear, bright and visible. These volume holographic optical elements (vHOEs) should also be simple for brands and ID card producers to customize and to manufacture at scale, and the security features need to retain their high visibility through years of use.

Covestro Bayfol® HX film: your solution for customizable and scalable security elements

Bayfol® HX film is based on red-green-blue (RGB) light-sensitive photopolymers that are optimized for the recording of intense, pure and resilient color vHOEs. This innovative optical product from Covestro consists of a transparent substrate film, a photoreactive layer with adjustable properties and a masking film. 

Customers can choose between different substrates and photopolymer properties, so final applications can range from an ultrathin 1 - 70 micrometer single-color banknote thread, to RGB-sensitive multi-colored holograms or complex 3D images that can be integrated on a banderol or seal of a brand label. Multiple optical applications can be incorporated into one very thin film. In contrast to wet chemical processing such as silver halide, photopolymer does not need this kind of post-processing and can be easily produced in large quantities.  

The highly differentiated Bayfol® HX film can help protect high value brands and secure their authenticity with vivid, counterfeit-resistant holograms. Leveraging vibrant colored and durable hologram security features can help to enhance both the real and perceived value to the end-user.

“With a wide selection of substrates and polymer properties, Bayfol® HX film is your key to achieving durable, vibrant security holograms at scale, making counterfeiting more difficult and protecting your brand’s value.”

Richard Meisenheimer

Application Development HLG, Covestro

Key Benefits

  • Vibrant:  Bayfol® HX enables bright holograms with intense, pure and resilient colors.
  • Thin:  Ultra slim transfer film allows photopolymer holograms less than 30 microns thick.
  • Versatile:  Multiple optical functions can be integrated into a single photopolymer layer.
  • Brand protection:  Hologram security features make counterfeiting more difficult.
  • Scalable:  Using Bayfol® HX film, security holograms can be produced in high volumes.

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