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More comfortable and sustainable wearable patch sensors

By providing innovative raw materials, Covestro helped co-develop wearable patch sensors with accensors that are not only more comfortable, but also more sustainable. The result is a clever system featuring Baymedix® adhesives and foams as well as Platilon® thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) films.

Combine comfort and functionality for wearable smart patches

Smart patches are a kind of wearable sensor used in the medical industry. They are applied to a patient’s skin with an adhesive and feature a foam part and embedded electronics to monitor the patient’s physiological signs such as their pulse.

Current trends are moving in the direction of ever-greater patch functionality, paired with improved comfort and ongoing miniaturization. This also includes a more sustainable, long-lasting use of such wearable devices.

Source: Covestro/accensors

Create a completely new design for wearable smart patches

Many mart patches currently in use to monitor vital parameters are rather uncomfortable to wear and not very small. What’s more, when the patch does not adhere to the skin anymore, the entire device – including the electronics – is simply thrown away.

The idea was therefore to create a wearable patch that is more comfortable and flexible for patients, and that reduces waste. At the same time, it should be a highly sophisticated medical device with functionality for easier monitoring and diagnoses.

With our very thin, soft and comfortable-to-wear solution, we are opening a new door for remote patient monitoring. This is clearly a huge advantage for the patients – they can stay at home; they can live their life.

Eike Kottkamp

CEO, innoMe GmbH / accensors


A clever two-element system for wearable patches

Together with accensors, Covestro created a smart patch featuring two elements: The Disposable Patch, which houses sensors and is used once, and the ReUse Patch, which houses the electronics.

Thanks to Baymedix®, the adhesive makes the wearable patches skin-friendly and offers low trauma when removed from the skin. Special Platilon® films and foams made from Baymedix® are used to integrate various monitoring sensors into the patch.

The ReUse Patch can be used many times, meaning effective resource conservation.

Covestro is proud to contribute to the further development of patient-friendly medical monitoring and diagnoses with our innovative raw materials that are not only safe and easy to use, but also contribute to the management of resources.

Martin Hüttner

Head Marketing & Sales EMEA CAS Medical, Covestro Deutschland AG

Five benefits of the smart patch concept – A world of patient comfort and medical possibilities

  • High comfort: The patch is lightweight, breathable and flexible, making it hardly noticeable on the skin.
  • Ease of use: It is easy to remove and insert the ReUse Patch from/into the Disposable Patch.
  • Freedom: Wireless monitoring technology means patients can live their life at home.
  • Flexibility: Medical personnel and patients benefit from remote patient control when it matters most.
  • Sustainable: The ReUse Patch with the electronics can be used for longer, saving resources.
Smart patches with Baymedix® and Platilon® – Flyer (EN)

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