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Our innovative and more sustainable solutions help coatings manufacturers advance their formulations. We develop, manufacture and market a high-quality range of raw materials for coating formulations. Discover our products!
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Recycle food packaging

The new polyethylene (PE) and aluminum replacement for recyclable paper food packaging

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More sustainable textiles 

We supply the textiles industry with more sustainable textile coatings materials for a carbon-neutral fabric future!

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Uradil® FP-9300

Uradil® FP-9300: recyclability, heat sealability, and alcohol resistance for BOPP flexible packaging

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Lab-testing resins

Covestro extensively tested its architectural resins to demonstrate their reliability and high-performance properties

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    Advancing surface solutions

    When it comes to coatings, formulators are looking for innovative products that enhance performance, durability, aesthetics and sustainability. We combine extensive know-how with a broad portfolio of hardeners, resins, dispersions and binders to meet your industry’s requirements.

    Which coating solution is best for my application?

    At Covestro, we offer a diverse range of products – from waterborne dispersions and 70% bio-based crosslinkers to our Blulogic® hardener or Pasquick® coatings technology. Our coating solutions can not only improve surface properties such as appearance, but also enhance resistance to corrosion and scratching, for instance. At the same time, our products meet the growing need for enhanced product safety and -sustainability along the full product lifecycle, helping you adhere to regulatory standards pertaining ISO norms and/or CO2 thresholds. 
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    Because coatings encompass so many different applications, we are keenly focused 
    on the individual needs of each industry. This means regardless of which materials your coatings must adhere to or which types of stress they must withstand, our experts cooperate with you to help select the product that best fits your needs. 

    Innovative materials for every industry

    Our research and development process relies on a clear understanding of the current challenges faced by coatings manufacturers in industries across the board. Our comprehensive portfolio of raw materials  offers formulations used for everything from coatings for the automotive industry to coatings used in building and industrial applications. 

    What are Covestro coating solutions used for?

    Raw materials for automotive coatings  
    We have the product range, industry knowledge and technical expertise to help you enhance the quality, appearance, durability and sustainability (i.e. improve the environmental compatibility of products along the lifecycle compared to standard production processes) for interior and exterior coatings in the automotive industry – from cars and trucks to trains and planes. Our portfolio includes a full range of specialized hardeners, resins and additives for enhanced coating performance.   

    Raw materials for coatings in the building sector
    We provide a range of products for the building industry – both for interior and exterior applications. Our portfolio includes solutions for solvent-based and water-based systems, offering you formulation flexibility. 
    Raw materials for industrial coatings   
    When it comes to industrial coatings, protection and durability are key. At Covestro, we provide a broad portfolio of resins, hardeners and binders for many areas of industrial coatings. For example, our products have been used in coatings for furniture, wind turbines, pipelines, agricultural equipment and more. 

    Developing next-generation surface protection

    Climate change, digitalization, future mobility: The future challenges facing the coatings industry are what motivate us to push boundaries to create better solutions for our clients. By relying on cross-functional teams of experts as well as close customer collaboration, we actively foster innovation to develop new surface solutions. Moving into the future, we aim to create coating products that drive the circular economy forward by reducing CO2 emissions and replacing finite resources with more sustainable alternatives. 

    Learn more about our #FullyCircular vision.
    Progress that counts    
    How are coatings made more sustainably? 
    Our binders for coatings have the potential to modify your products in significant ways – making them more environmentally compatible compared to standard solutions and setting them apart from the competition. We support customers with a broad range of more sustainable coatings solutions and services, including the development of products around trending coatings industry criteria such as low-VOC formulations and percentage of renewable materials. 
    What is the coating industry’s future? 
    At Covestro, we collaborate with our customers to develop forward-looking solutions. Whether it’s through imagining and creating solutions for future mobility or producing products that deliver significant time and cost savings, we work together to solve the challenges of our time. In the future, new technologies are expected to expand. With these trends in mind, we are working to help our customers improve their coating products, one formulation at a time. 

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