Uralac® Ultra: Fabulous furniture finishes for the home.

Choosing the right coating for domestic interior furniture finishes and paint just got easier. Uralac® Ultra is an advanced, sustainable binding technology for power-coated MDF furniture that is proven to resist the most stubborn stains, bumps, bruises and detergents – maintaining a clear, true color for many years.
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Fabulous furniture finishes for the home

Thanks to a unique one-layer coating system, Uralac® Ultra unlocks new production and cost efficiency options for coating specialists when you spray it on – delivering high-quality finished furniture at an affordable price. It opens up a world of design possibilities by giving you more options in the engineered wood you choose. Because it is solvent- and VOC-free, you can guarantee the safety of the finished products – and those that use (and make) them.

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Getting a handle on cool cabinet finishes

Powder coating for cupboard and cabinet finishes is changing for the better with Uralac® Ultra. This advanced binding technology for MDF, plywood and engineered wood gives coating specialists a unique combination of price and process efficiency unlike any other coating technologies.  
You can apply Uralac® Ultra in a single coat and any color – including clear coats – to complex and intricate designs, with no drying time needed. You can also use it as a primer with a liquid topcoat, significantly reducing processing time and labor cost. 
What is more, its lower curing temperature of 120-130°C opens up a world of possibilities in the choice of materials you can use for cupboards, veneer wardrobes and most other domestic cabinets.

"We're always looking for ways to reduce costs without impacting quality. Fortunately, these powder coatings deliver on both."

Paul Maeyninckx

Company owner, Kempa

Safe and solvent-free furniture? It is child's play

We realize that safety will always be your number one priority for children's furniture – and you can rest assured it is ours too. Which is why, at Covestro, we have created a more sustainable binding technology for powder-coated MDF that is formulated to be free of solvents and VOCs while complying with the stringent requirements of the major brands we serve. Why? Because we care.  
Not only does Uralac® Ultra protect the little ones, it safeguards your profitability thanks to a fast and efficient singe-coating process with no drying time that boosts productivity and enables the most intricate shapes and contours – in any color. And as you would expect, powder coatings made with Uralac® Ultra deliver the toughness and durability so essential for playtime.

Fabulous finishes for kitchen and bathroom

We all know that when it comes to humid kitchen and bathroom environments a piece of furniture or architecture is only as good as its protective coating: from large surface areas in the bathroom which are exposed to sunlight, to dishwasher cabinets that get steamed every day.  
Traditionally, powder-coated MDF was not a practical solution for this challenging environment. Enter Uralac® Ultra – which enables an advanced, seamless powder coating for the bathroom and kitchen that is proven to create water-resistant surfaces that withstand mold, mildew, steam and condensation. It resists detergents and chemicals while retaining color and sharpness over time, with no yellowing or peeling – and no delamination and board swelling. 
This is achieved via a fast and efficient one-step-coating system for engineered wood that enables great sealing and the most intricate bathroom paint finishes along with imaginative new kitchen furniture designs. Alternatively, you can use Uralac® Ultra primer with a liquid topcoat for a more efficient two-layer finish. Whatever suits you, and your customers.

"We believe that powder coating technology has reached the level of sophistication where we want to use it."

Filip Laureyssen

Customer Care Manager, Kempa

Let Uralac® Ultra give you that competitive advantage

  • Design freedom Strong, seamless finish with textured or smooth appearance, and many gloss levels and colors.
  • Durable Uralac® Ultra-treated products comply with key industry standard tests.
  • Economical Uralac® Ultra's fully automated, 1-step, low-temperature curing finishing process saves time, labor and energy.


Different finishes

From matt and gloss to textured finishes, Uralac® Ultra delivers the feel-good factor.



Uralac® Ultra is proven to perform long-term in the toughest environments. 



Uralac® Ultra resists UV, liquids, chemicals, stains, scratches – and more. 



我们如何在标准“非导电”MDF 上喷涂粉末?

对于粉末应用,MDF 内的水分导电作用。占总重量 4-8% 的水分含量足以吸粉末。

使用粉末涂料是否需要特殊 MDF?

粉末涂料不需要特殊 MDF–尽管现有 MDF 的质量和类型之间存在差异。

我们建议在制造产品前评估您打算使用的 MDF 类型。

此外,我们建议将其储存在恒温恒湿区域以控制 MDF 的水分含量。

用于金属粉末涂层的烘箱是否也适合固化 MDF?

大多数传统固化烘箱都是对流烘箱。使用红外辐射 (IR) 烘箱可以获得 MDF固化的最佳效果。

使用 IR 烘箱,MDF 的表面可以快速加热来固化粉末涂层,同时其核心则保持相对较低的温度。

使用对流烘箱时,温度通常过高,或者由于达到固化温度所需的时间较长,导致MDF 的核心温度过高。

"There are many benefits to powder coatings. First and foremost, they are totally toxin free."

Walter Schweiger

Company owner, Finima by Schweiger GmbH

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