Covestro-Amulix: now is the time for Biodegradable Seed Coatings

Covestro-Amulix reduces microplastic pollution in agriculture with Biodegradable Seed Coatings.
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Time is up for non-biodegradable seed coatings!

Microplastic particle regulation is on the horizon…  
Unlike many other competitor seed coatings, Amulix® is a circular product that decomposes into water and carbon dioxide molecules, which are then used by plants to perform photosynthesis. In this way, Amulix® leaves no trace in the soil, and contributes to a circular economic consumption system that does not deplete our planet’s natural resources. More than ever, this kind of circular solution is needed to drive the sustainability of agricultural practices.

Changing regulatory landscape

On January 30, 2019, the European Chemical Agency (ECHA) announced its initial proposals to restrict the use of oxo-plastics and intentionally-added microplastic particles in consumer-use or professional-use products of any kind. ECHA underlined that microplastic particles pose a serious risk to the environment and human health, and that there is a pressing need to develop sustainable solutions that mitigate this issue.

Small particles, big issue

The current, widespread use of oil-based, synthetic coatings with limited biodegradability on seeds and agricultural starter material contributes to microplastic pollution. When they are applied to plant protection products to improve sowability and seed visibility in the soil, these non-biodegradable seed coatings can make their way into our food systems through both terrestrial and aquatic environments.

Finding a better alternative

There is another way, though. Our high-performing, bio-based Amulix® Seed Coatings outperform traditional coating solutions in operational performance. At the same time these coatings offer a viable solution to the issue of seed coating microplastic pollution. Made from starch-based waste material, Amulix® has a reduced environmental and health impact compared with coatings made from oil-based polymer materials that remain in the environment as microplastics.

Looking ahead with purpose

Moving forward, we expect to see growing consumer awareness around microplastic pollution. Regulatory authorities are also starting to make concrete proposals to limit the amount of microplastic particles entering our environmental systems. It seems only a matter of time before synthetic, oil-based seed coatings for agricultural starter material are a thing of the past. Thankfully, with our Amulix® biodegradable and bio-based seed coatings, a more sustainable future is within our reach – watch this space!

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