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Silky: "Pharma and cosmetics companies are always asking me to help out. Is it my personality? Actually, I reckon it's the silky-smooth texture I add, which complements their USPs."
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Skins® Silky gives print or packaging the beautiful texture of silk, often felt on finished skincare, perfume and make-up products. She transforms cosmetic packaging designs, giving them that feeling of real indulgence.
She also has a practical side, with a low viscosity that makes her well-suited for use in flexographic printing or varnishing units. Silky's rub resistance and high slip level means she helps packaging look its best.

Skins® Silky Expertise

Skins® Silky has a lot of experience working with cosmetic packaging – in particular with beautifully finished skincare, perfume and make-up products.

Easy to start, consistent, high quality, Silky feel

This Skin has a proven track record. It's easy to use with standard equipment, can be applied in thin layers, and high-speed processing is possible.

"This looks cool. I added a bit of my silkiness to this logo to give it a bit more accent."

Silky inspiration

Print performance

Skins® Silky delivers a deep matte finish and is capable of tone on tone, to enhance the appearance of any packaging.
She can be printed on multiple substrates, like paper, PE, BOPP, aluminum and PET. Colors can be given different gloss levels by overprinting. 
Of course, she can be recyclable, as her waterborne formulation makes her FDA/FCC/Swiss Ordinance compliant. She can also work with UV and solvent-based ink systems.


Thanks to its formulation, this silky varnish has an easy-to-apply, stable topcoat process. It can be applied using multiple printing techniques, including conventional flexo or gravure systems.

Technical specifications

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