Rubbert, Silky and Vel-Veeto are creative little characters, always looking for new ideas on bringing texture, fun and practical benefits to print and packaging. We asked them to share some of their inspiration for new packaging ideas with us – and this is what they came up with!
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Skins® Vel-Veeto’s inspiration

Vel-Veeto: “I like to add borders or highlights around things. They look great, right? And they really catch people’s attention!”

Skins® Rubbert’s inspiration

Rubbert: “Hey, I know I look pretty good but I’m more than just a pretty face. I also fight crime by making print and packaging difficult to copy. Governments, corporations and all kinds of important people ask me to help with anti-counterfeiting.”

Skins® Silky’s inspiration

Silky: “This looks cool. I added a bit of my silkiness to this logo to give it a bit more accent.”

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