Circular Economy

Vision to reality: partnerships to make plastics circular and sustainable

Plastics are a widely used material, but at their end of use, can become waste and trigger CO2 emissions. Their production must shift to a more circular model where alternative raw materials, reuse and recycling are the norm. We are working with partners to develop circular economy solutions. Here’s how.

Transforming plastics production and bringing our circular economy vision to life means finding courageous partners who want to rethink supply chains and close material loops, and who share our goals of becoming fully circular and building sustainability.

Sucheta Govil

Chief Commercial Officer, Covestro



Creating material loops

Covestro works with innovative companies to find new ways to reuse and recycle plastics at the end of their useful life, harnessing plastic waste as a precious raw material.

Covestro aims to be a shaping force of the Circular Economy.

Let’s turn the one-way street into a circle. Covestro is becoming #FullyCircular

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Turning waste into added value:
CO₂ technology

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