Makrolon® makes oxygenators safe and durable

Wego New Life Medical Devices needed a safe, reliable and transparent material for their new membrane oxygenators, also known as artificial lungs. We recommended Makrolon®, a natural choice because it met all requirements with ease.
Wego wanted a patient-safe, biocompatible polycarbonate that doctors could depend on when using Wego membrane oxygenators to replace lung function during open heart surgery.

Make sure doctors will be able to see what’s happening

In addition to being safe and tough, the material selected for the Wego device also needed to be transparent, which would allow medical professionals to monitor and ensure proper functioning of the oxygenating process.

Clarity and bio-compatibility pointed to Makrolon®  

With its glass-like transparency and bio-combability tested to ISO10993 standards, our Makrolon® 2458 was the ideal material for the Wego membrane oxygenator. In addition, the specialized polycarbonate exhibits high impact strength, which reduces the risk of accidental damage during surgery. We also worked closely with Wego to help ensure a healthy cost-benefit balance on the materials used in the oxygenators. 

Why Makrolon® 2458 was the right solution for Wego New Life Oxygenators

  • Transparent: Offers glass-like transparency so medical staff can monitor oxygenating process.
  • Reliable: High impact strength and durability ensure patient safety during heart surgery.
  • Biocompatible: Meets ISO 10993 standards for devices that are in contact with bodily fluids.
  • Heat resistant: Makrolon® 2458 can withstand ETO and steam sterilization at 121°C.
  • Ease of use: The material’s low viscosity offers easy release from the mold after processing.

Deliver a polycarbonate that is biocompatible and reliable

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