Biocompatible Makrolon® houses new surgical device

Previously, surgeons had to subjectively determine how much pressure to apply to a knee implant during surgery. Now there’s a specialized device that provides real-time data, so they can adjust pressure exactly: the OrthoSensor™ Knee Balancer - with biocompatible Makrolon® Rx1851 polycarbonate housing.
Discover and provide a strong material for the OrthoSensor™ Knee Balancer, a revolutionary and intelligent orthopedic device with sensors and wireless technology that provides data to surgeons during surgery. The OrthoSensor™ enables them to optimize the positioning and balance of implants.
Biocompatibile Makrolon® Rx1851 with customizable color options for OrthoSensor™ Knee Balancer.

Make sure the material is color capable

In addition to being strong, impact-resistant and biocompatible, OrthoSensor, Inc. needed their device available in four transparent colors, each indicating a specific surgical size. They also wanted an experienced partner capable of providing technical support for the development of their product line.
Biocompatibile Makrolon® Rx1851 with customizable color options for OrthoSensor™ Knee Balancer.

An approved medical polycarbonate with customizable color

Our biocompatible Makrolon® Rx1851 medical grade resin provided the flow, lubricity, easy release and strength our customer was looking for. The material is compliant with FDA-modified 10993, Part 1 standards and, importantly, also allows custom color formulations. In this case it was four translucent colors – brown, green, blue and yellow – each indicating a specific surgical size. During development, we worked closely with OrthoSensor’s molder to ensure the highest standards were met.

Why Makrolon® Rx1851 was the right solution for the OrthoSensor™ Knee Balancer

  • Biocompatible: Satisfies major bio-compatibility requirements, including ISO 10993-1.
  • Light & strong: Makrolon® Rx1851 is exceptionally tough and durable with high impact strength.
  • Chemical resistant: Stands up to harsh disinfectants.
  • Customizable color: Different color options available according to product requirements.
  • Ease of use: Good flow and lubricity allow for fine product detail and easy mold release.

Identify a medical grade polycarbonate for surgical devices

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