Makrolon® makes insulin injections easier and gentler

Diabetic treatment often requires repeated, painful injections using a needle syringe. Yet for more than 114 million patients in China, needle-free injection could provide a viable and effective way to manage blood sugar levels. QS Medical Technology used medical- grade Makrolon® to create a more patient-friendly delivery interface.
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To meet the needs of a growing number of diabetes patients, QS Medical Technology Co.. (QS) wanted to create a new, high-quality needle-free insulin delivery technology that would make life easier and more comfortable for millions of patients in China and around the world.

Find a tough, biocompatible plastic for the delivery interface

Because the drug would be injected at high pressure under the skin surface, QS required a biocompatible plastic for the needle-free injector’s plastic delivery components and ampoule bottle. The material needed to stand up to precise part dimensioning, injection molding and high-energy radiation sterilization.

High-performance Makrolon® Rx1805 polycarbonate

Our medical-grade Makrolon® Rx1805 polycarbonate helped QS create the insulin delivery interface they had envisioned thanks to its biocompatibility, lipid resistance, durability, processability and design flexibility. This superior polycarbonate grade ensured that the drug sampling needle could consistently puncture the plug of an insulin ampoule. The flexible processing properties of Makrolon® Rx1805 also enabled one-step injection molding of the drug sampling needle and protective cover of the drug suction apparatus for a rapid, cost-effective process.
Makrolon® supports highly precise needle-free injection technology by QS Medical Technology.

Why Makrolon® Rx1805 was the right solution for needle-free injectors

  • Biocompatible: Complies with multiple requirements of ISO 10993-1.
  • Impact-resistant: This grade of polycarbonate offers excellent impact resistance under high pressure.
  • Lipid-resistant: Makrolon® Rx1805 polycarbonate resists cracking due to contact with lipids.
  • Radiation-stable: Can be sterilized with high-energy radiation.
  • Retains dimensions: Offers accurate dimensional stability under different application environments.

Develop a high-quality insulin delivery system without needles

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