Makrolon® boosts lumen output in LED reflector lamp

Advances in LED technology can go even further with the help of innovative materials. Convinced by its high-performance properties, Lumenova™ chose Makrolon® RW6267X polycarbonate to take the brightness and efficiency of its LED reflector lamps to the next level.
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Lumenova™, a CRS Electronics Company, wanted to design a competitive LED equivalent to inefficient incandescent BR and CFL bulbs. So they approached us with a design challenge in the optical mixing chamber of their R20, BR40 and BR30 LED reflector lamps.

Find a high-performance reflective material

For the optical mixing chamber, the crucial space between the internal LED and outer lens, Lumenova™ still hadn’t found the right material. The ideal solution would be both highly reliable and widely available. And it would offer a host of high-performance properties for superior efficiency and a higher lumen output or, in other words, a brighter lamp.

Bright, efficient lighting with Makrolon® RW6267X

After putting our heads together and weighing the options, Lumenova™ decided to replace the original material for the LED reflector lamps with our Makrolon® RW6267X polycarbonate. This versatile grade can be optimized for high reflectance applications and its low viscosity makes it perfect for injection molding, so our customers can enjoy more design freedom and fewer secondary operations like those required by metal parts.

Why Makrolon® RW6267X was the right solution for Lumenova™

  • White grade: Reflective surface eliminates the need for secondary processing steps.
  • Low viscosity: Suitable for injection molding processes that allow greater design freedom.
  • Flame retardant: Achieves the UL 94V-0 flammability rating with a thin profile of just 1.5 mm.
  • High reflectance: Reflective white grade enables excellent diffuse reflectance at 96 percent.

Create an even better LED

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