LED-grade Makrolon® provides superior light dispersion

LEDs are widely used for economical lighting in parking garages and high bays. Kenall Manufacturing asked us to suggest ways to set its LED lighting products apart by optimizing their secondary and tertiary optics. We met the request with dedicated design support and our special LED-grade Makrolon®.
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Kenall sought to customize the energy-efficient qualities of the LEDs they manufacture for parking garages by optimizing the level of light dispersion to provide a superior product.

Give us lenses that make the most of LED lighting

Our customer needed high-performance materials with specialized technical abilities to create parking garage and high bay lighting that offers improved light transmission and efficiency.

We looked beyond simply providing the right optics material

Our LED-grade Makrolon® polycarbonate provided Kenall with the ideal material to improve their secondary and tertiary optics. In addition, we provided mold flow analyses and design support to help optimize the lumen output of their optics. Our materials, in combination with intelligent design, efficient power electronics and state-of-the-art LED sources, enable Kenall to offer some of the most energy efficient and effective lighting products on the market, as reported by the U.S. Department of Energy’s LED Light Facts program.

Why LED-grade Makrolon® was the right solution for Kenall LEDs

  • Specialized grades: Developed specifically to enhance optics and other LED lighting requirements.
  • Ultra-durable: It’s break-resistant, temperature resistant and thermally stable.
  • Dimensionally stable: Retains its shape when exposed to heat or humidity.
  • Clearly superior: Offer glass-like transparency without the weight and fragility of glass.
  • Ease of use: Material is well-suited to injection molding.

Improve light dispersion with better optics

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