Polycarbonates support safe, powerful home energy storage

Stationary home energy storage systems based on Li-ion battery technology are a market with a bright future. Leading systems provider BMZ GmbH relies on dedicated polycarbonate (PC) blends such as Bayblend® to create customized storage solutions that harness the power of renewables.
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To support BMZ in creating powerful and safe battery storage devices for stationary applications, we partnered with the supplier on the development of its modular energy storage systems EES 7.0 / 9.0 / X. Our support ranged from material selection to plastic-compatible component design and CAE-based component simulations. We also provided technical support with moldflow analyses and injection molding.

Select robust thermoplastics for high-performance storage

For battery components ranging from cell holders to battery housings, BMZ required resilient polycarbonate blends. Safety was an important consideration, so the materials would need to be flame retardant at low wall thicknesses to support the high energy density required for effective energy storage.

Contribute to high-performing home storage systems

Every battery project is technically demanding, which is why I am all the more pleased that plastics from Covestro can make an important contribution here. Together with customers like BMZ, we are working on sustainable product and application developments to master the challenges of future battery technologies.

Jens Ufermann

Technical Account Manager, Covestro


Polycarbonate blends with tailored properties

For its individual battery projects, BMZ selected dedicated grades of our Bayblend® (PC+ABS) products. These polycarbonates offer excellent mechanical properties, as well as good flowability to achieve ultra-thin walls between battery cells during injection molding. Flame-retardant (UL 94 V-0) Bayblend® grades ensure safety and contribute to battery thermal management for optimized performance.

Our in-depth understanding of the diverse applications of battery systems and our many years of experience in materials for battery applications enable us to provide our customers with both technical expertise and suitable products.

Dr. Julian Marschewski

Market Development Manager in Electric Vehicle Battery Packaging, Covestro

Why Bayblend® was the right solution for BMZ

  • Strong & resilient: Our PC blends provide high mechanical strength and resistance to impacts.
  • Flowability: Enables thin wall molding for higher energy density.
  • Flame retardant: Dedicated grades comply with UL 94 V-0.

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