Bayblend® resins enable quick and safe battery replacement

GreenPack® GmbH pioneered their replaceable battery system to encourage faster and wider adoption of rechargeable batteries for diverse devices. The system is designed to make safe and easy replacement possible by packaging and housing batteries in two flame-retardant grades of Bayblend® resin.
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Users of battery-powered electric cars, scooters, electric bikes,  industrial vacuum cleaners and lawn mowers need a dependable and universal battery module that they can replace quickly and safely. GreenPack® was determined to offer them a rechargeable, modular lithium-ion battery system that made powering mobile and stationary applications safer and more practical. 

Ensure housing material is both safe and hard-wearing

The GreenPack® idea involved charging one battery while using another and then exchanging them when the battery in use ran down. To realize the concept the company needed robust materials that could, first, safely house the lithium-ion cells in a material that minimized the fire risk and, second, withstand the significant wear and tear that would result as users repeatedly exchanged batteries. 
The GreenPack® replaceable battery system includes two flame-retardant grades of Bayblend® resin.

A combination of Bayblend® resins meets different needs

Our Bayblend® PC+ABS blend resins offered exactly the right combination of properties required to ensure the functionality and safe operation of the GreenPack® battery modules. Their distinctive, bright green battery housing is made with flame-retardant Bayblend® FR3010 (PC+ABS)-blend resin, while the cell holder is formed from Bayblend® FR3008 HR (PC+ABS)-blend resin. Both polycarbonate blends are formulated for easy molding and can be processed quickly and economically, which further adds to their appeal.

Why Bayblend® resins were the right solution for GreenPack® battery systems

  • Flame-retardant: Meet the Underwriters Laboratories’ UL94 V-0 rating for flammability.
  • Light & strong: Perfect for replaceable battery applications.
  • High impact resistance: Protects the battery cells within the battery module.
  • Ease of use: Can be easily molded or shaped.

Use materials that enable a practical lithium-ion system

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