Makrolon® lenses for next-gen entertainment lighting

Entertainment industry equipment manufacturer, ARRI, wished to broaden its lighting portfolio to include a new range of LED lampheads with lenses that enabled precise color rendition as well as optimal light distribution. Makrolon® polycarbonate delivered on both these requirements - and more.
The entertainment industry relies on ARRI to supply high-performance lighting for television, film and theater productions. To build on its established reputation in the traditional lighting market, ARRI wanted to provide users of its new LED lamps with more energy-efficient products that were even more reliable and effective in providing high-quality lighting than its regular lights.

Show us a material capable of handling higher light output

The entertainment industry needed to be convinced that the new ARRI LED lights would be just as durable and user-friendly as the ones they were used to – while offering a higher light output and using less energy. Which is why ARRI needed a material that would ensure all these needs were met.

Makrolon® LED provides tough lenses with high transmission and true color

ARRI selected Makrolon® LED for the large-area Fresnel lenses in their new L-Series LED lights. The optical design of the transparent material allowed for optimal light distribution, high transmission and precise color rendition. Makrolon® polycarbonate lenses also make it possible for L-Series C (color) to be smoothly adjusted over a wide color range. In addition, the lenses are highly resilient, because the material resists breaking and remains stable even at high temperatures. 

Why Makrolon® LED was the right solution for ARRI L-Series LED lights

  • High transparency: Allows for better light output in lighting applications.
  • Accurate color: Enables precise color rendering and displays color values precisely.
  • Dimensionally stable: Retains its shape when exposed to heat or humidity.
  • Ultra-durable: Is impact resistant and temperature stable.
  • Heat resistant: Material holds shape - even at high temperatures.

Provide lenses for high quality lighting that uses less energy

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