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We want a world where high-performance coatings and inks have zero impact on the health of people and the environment. With Decovery® we have made it our mission to accelerate the transformation towards plant-based coatings and inks.

The introduction of waterborne paints was the first step towards more sustainability in the coatings industry, but these paints are still largely fossil-based. We have created a technology to replace these fossil-based components with renewable materials, lowering the environmental footprint even further without sacrificing performance.
Do you want a coating or ink that delivers outstanding performance while safeguarding the health of both people and planet? Decovery® is a family of plant produced resins designed to deliver high-performance products across the coatings and inks industries while treating our planet gently. It’s made from materials that are more sustainably sourced. The Decovery® portfolio includes products with up to 52% plant-based content – as verified by carbon-14 analysis.

Key Benefits

  • Performance Decovery® coatings perform as well as, or better than, fossil- alternatives
  • Health Safer ingredients and low VOC levels in Decovery® create healthier environments.
  • Sustainability Sustainably sourced, plant-produced ingredients reduce the carbon footprint.

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