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Digital printing – Make every drop count

Digital printing is increasingly popular, thanks to the more sustainable, personalized production it enables. We offer a wide range of coating, ink, and adhesive resins to unlock the full benefits of this technology.
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Facing growing pressure to address unpredictable demand fluctuations and drive sustainability, many manufacturers are moving toward digital printing.

This technique can enable cheaper, more precise production, quicker turnarounds, and more varied designs – and the right resins and crosslinkers can unlock the full potential of these benefits.

We offer a wide range of resin solutions for both analog and digital printing applications. These solutions include water-based, solventborne, and UV-based technologies, as well as partly bio-based options. They’re suitable for a range of substrates, from textiles and paper & board to plastic and metal. Together with our application expertise, they can help you take your digital printing to the next level!

The coatings and adhesives world is changing

The manufacturing world is changing. To address rapid, unpredictable demand fluctuations and drive sustainability, there is a growing need for more precise, small-lot production to reduce waste.

What’s more, manufacturers in a range of industries face growing pressure to offer more individualized solutions – often produced to order.

All this means manufacturers must produce more quickly, flexibly, and efficiently. On top of this, they still need to keep up with evolving regulatory compliance, industrial hygiene, and sustainability requirements.

Coating, ink, and adhesive companies have an opportunity to turn these trends into additional value – but to stay competitive, they need new coating, adhesive, and ink solutions.

Why digital printing provides an answer – and how to bring it to life

Digital printing can provide solutions to these industry challenges, enabling more granular control over production processes and greater flexibility to respond to changing demands. Specifically, because it comes with no overspray and less waste, digital printing can deliver:

  • More economical, more sustainable, more precise production
  • Automation, quicker turnarounds, and smaller production batches
  • Varied designs, enabling more efficient customization 

Using the right resins and crosslinkers in inks for digital printing can help unlock the full potential of this technology for various applications. We offer resins for both analog and digital printing technologies, such as water-based, solventborne, UV-curable, and partly bio-based resins.
With our application expertise and knowledge, and together with our partners, we can take your digital printing to the next level.

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Which digital printing technologies are right for me?

Multiple digital printing technologies can be used to apply coatings and adhesives! There’s usually a trade-off between the resolution and laydown of the printed ink. As such, the right choice depends on the requirements of your digital printing application.

You can use our coating solutions with all these digital printing technologies:

Digital hotmelt application 

  • For thermoplastic materials, particularly high-molecular-weight adhesive hotmelts like Desmomelt® U
  • Lets you avoid manual process steps and produce individual patterns, especially in footwear production

Valvejet printing

  • For medium-viscosity liquid formulations. 
  • Medium-resolution and higher material laydown (e.g., for continuous coating films)
  • Enables rapid realization of structural features

Inkjet printing

  • For low-viscosity inks in CMYK or as functional inks
  • High-resolution
  • Lets you optimize each dot via drop-on-demand technology, e.g., to create a high-definition multicolor image with a low coat weight 

Digital printing technologies

  • Digital hotmelt application

    Digital hotmelt application 

  • Valvejet printing process

    Valvejet printing process 

  • Inkjet printing process

    Inkjet printing process 

Digital printing applications

Digital printing of coatings and adhesives adds value to various applications, across industries including textiles, footwear, E&E, automotive, commercial printing, and packaging.

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Digital textile printing

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Digital hotmelt printing with Desmomelt® U

Digital hotmelt printing

Meet Desmomelt® U – a new class of adhesive raw materials for digital applications. In this talk, we introduce you to these aliphatic, non-yellowing polyurethanes, sharing an overview of their material properties, processability, and application examples.

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Digitally applying coatings

Digital application

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