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The application of coatings is enhanced enormously by our team of diverse specialists who manage look and feel in a way that is distinguishable and measurable. They help define precisely how new coatings produce experiences and feelings. And they can influence how a coating or material can be applied to a product or packaging to give it a specific look and feel.

What is haptics?

Our expert says: “Haptic perception is the outcome of a tribology experiment we perform with our skin: as we move our finger over a surface, the forces and vibrations generated in this frictional contact are detected by several types of neural mechanoreceptors embedded in the skin, whose signals are processed by our brains into our sensory experience of ‘feel’.” 

Why are haptics so important for brands? 

Our expert says: “When consumers hold a box, a package or something else in their hands, they interact with it and it stimulates their senses. A person sees the colors, feels the textures or the weight and hears the sounds it makes. These sensory signals are crucial for any product as they determine the personality of the product you’re selling.”

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