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The Status Next Studio is a gathering space for those who want to shape the future of coatings and adhesives. It’s a growing network that we want to build together with you.

Here, we explore the role of coatings and adhesives in some of the world’s most important industries – now and in the future. Plus, we provide a platform for collaboration on next solutions that challenge the status quo.

So, look around! Discover today’s tried-and-tested technologies. Explore the upcoming trends for your industry. Dive into a specific topic with one of our webinars. And share insights with players from across the value chain – so we can create a brighter future together.

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From productive solutions to achieving more with less: we implement materials and technologies that help boost productivity and reduce costs.

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Circular Economy

From sustainable growth to circular breakthroughs: we’re constantly striving to embed circularity in future applications right from the beginning of the production process.

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From regulation-driven innovation to futureproof solutions

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Let’s shape the coatings and adhesives industry together! Here in the Status Next Studio, you’ll discover our current and future strategies and solutions – and how we can link them with yours.

Thorsten Dreier

EVP, Head of Coatings and Adhesives

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