Uralac® Ultra: Powder coating for heat-sensitive substrates

Covestro's Uralac® Ultra, a proven powder coating technology for MDF and engineered wood, is ideal for the industrial coating specialist or commercial paint company.
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Proven powder coating technology for industrial coaters

Is it possible to produce and apply a powder coating that brings the strength, reliability, aesthetic and cost-efficiency associated with metal applications to engineered wood like MDF? At Covestro, we have the answer and it is called Uralac® Ultra. 

This unique technology is more than just a resin: it is a radical curing technology consisting of unsaturated polyester, a co-crosslinker and a thermal initiator. The result? Safer and more sustainable powder coatings for MDF and engineered wood, applied in a unique single-layer process at just 120-130°C rather than the traditional 160-170°C. Already in use by numerous companies, it gives industrial coating manufacturers a clear competitive advantage. 

The Covestro difference: putting the power into powder

Covestro is a global science-based company with a 80-year track record in materials sciences across a broad range of industries. With annual net sales of around €15.9 billion and about 17,900 employees worldwide, we are a coating partner you can rely on.  

Our major R&D centers across Europe and Asia are staffed by some of the brightest minds in the industry, all working to develop the next generation of innovations that benefit people, planet and profit. For you, the customer, we take this huge wellspring of knowledge and expertise, and apply it to fast-growing industries like powder coating. The future looks bright. 

Frequently asked questions

How do we spray powder on standard 'non-conductive' MDF?

For application of the powder, moisture within the MDF is used for conductivity. A moisture content of 4-8% of total weight is sufficient to attract the powder. 

Do we require special MDF for powder coating?

No special MDF is needed for powder coating – although there are differences between available qualities and types.  

We advise evaluating the type of MDF you intend to use before making your products.  

Further, we recommend a conditioned storage area to control the MDF's moisture content. 

Is the oven I use for powder coating metal suitable for curing MDF too?

Most conventional curing ovens are convection ovens. Best results for MDF are reached with infrared radiation (IR) ovens.  

With IR ovens, the MDF's surface can be heated quickly to cure the powder coating, while its core stays relatively cool.  

With convection ovens, temperatures are often too high, or the MDF's core heats up too much because of the longer period needed to reach curing temperatures. 

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