Rapid Cure Resin for Flexible Packaging Market

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Desmopack™ RC resin is a new linear amine terminated prepolymer offering an 80% cure time reduction at room temperature. This technology is the ideal resin for formulating laminating adhesives for food packaging—without the need of catalysts.

The high-performance flexible packaging market depends on the technology of aliphatic polyurethane resins for bond strength and food safety profiles, yet the related costs and burden of long cure times has created a gap in the flexible packaging market. 

Covestro bridged this gap by fusing an aliphatic resin’s food safety with an aromatic resin’s unmatched cure speed. The result? Desmopack™ RC technology, a rapid cure resin for high performance flexible packaging adhesives.   

Desmopack™ RC technology cuts processing time, thereby reducing consumption of energy resources and supporting sustainability. This rapid cure resin also complies with U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulations and prevents primary aromatic amine migration into food.  

Featured Products

Desmodur® E 14
Aromatic polyisocyanate prepolymer based on toluene diisocyanate. In the formulation of highly flexible coatings, sealers and two-component PU sealing compounds.
Desmoseal® S XP 2636
Aliphatic silane-terminated prepolymer.Binder for producing highly flexible adhesives, sealants and coatings.
Dispercoll® U 2682
Dispercoll® U 2682 is a waterborne dispersion of a anionically modified polyurethane. It is an adhesives raw material for the formulation of adhesives for use in e.g. the packaging, automotive, shoe or furniture industries. Its characteristic polymer properties make Dispercoll® U 2682 particularly well suited for bonds with low heat activation temperatures.

Key Benefits

  • Increased revenue: Desmopack™ RC technology’s reduced lead times offer heightened revenue.
  • Expedited shipping: Desmopack™ RC resin’s abbreviated cure times result in faster shipping.
  • Reduced finished good inventory:  Desmopack™ RC technology provides decreased film and finished good inventory.
  • Better roll quality: The resin features expeditious defect detection and enhanced roll quality.
  • Maximize profits: The technology helps to maximize profit margins by reducing shipping time.

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