We provide a wide range of high-performance raw materials for superior cast polyurethane elastomers – along with professional, customized support based on our innovative material systems and proven machine technologies.
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Vulkollan® roller wheels 

Stacker crane wheels made of heat-resistant Vulkollan® elastomers outperform rivals in load bearing and minimize downtime. 

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Case study

Improved molding with MDI

MOCA is increasingly subject to restrictions, so we developed the MDI-based Desmodur® to overcome these constraints.

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Off-shore windfarm protection

Polyurethane elastomer systems formulated for the uniquely demanding conditions of off-shore cable protection

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New MOCA-free solutions for more sustainable elastomers

High-performing MOCA-free alternatives are set to change the face of polyurethane production – for safer and more tunable processes

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