Surgical: Specialized materials for advanced medical applications

Medical device manufacturers rely on us to provide advanced, biocompatible materials for a wide variety of surgical instruments. These materials include the medical-grade polycarbonates and blends necessary to manufacture instruments and devices surgeons can depend on during even the most complex operations.

Featured Brands

Heat-resistant thermoplastic for automotive, lighting, and medical technologies
High-performance polycarbonate for applications in diverse industries.

Key Benefits

  • Biocompatible: Choose from a wide range of specialized, medical-grade materials.
  • Expert assistance: Benefit from 50 years of experience in specialized medical materials.
  • Sterilizable: Most materials can withstand common sterilization processes and chemicals.
  • Easy processing: Our materials are well-suited to standard mass production methods.
  • Ultra-durable: High resistance to chemicals, heat, impact, and abrasion.
Minimally invasive surgery requires instruments and equipment that give surgeons the precision, dexterity and control they need to perform at their best. In turn, this necessitates materials that offer a range of specialized characteristics. Our medical grade polycarbonates and PC blends can be tuned for specific properties often required during challenging surgical procedures, including dimensional stability, mechanical strength, rigidity, chemical resistance, heat resistance, and even glass-like transparency.
High-temperature Apec® can also be used in the design and manufacturing of stringent sterilization disinfectant systems that are required for surgical devices. Compatibility with high-temperature autoclave sterilization allows hospitals to sterilize their devices quickly for improved efficiency, lower costs and shorter waiting times for patients.

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Biocompatible polycarbonates: For reliable cardiovascular medical devices

Our biocompatible Makrolon® polycarbonate exhibits toughness, glass-like transparency, heat resistance, dimensional stability and the capability to be sterilized across a broad spectrum of techniques. These attributes make it well-suited to constructing the complex components of the pumps which continuously circulate oxygenated blood during heart surgery without damaging blood cells. Our wide variety of specialized, medical-grade polycarbonates for cardiovascular devices also includes options for blood oxygenators, reservoirs and automated external defibrillators.
Blood pumps made using Makrolon® circulate oxygenated blood during heart surgery.

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