New ultra-durable polycarbonate for healthcare and life sciences

Both healthcare and life sciences applications—ranging from drug delivery devices, wellness and wearable devices, to single-use containers for biopharmaceutical manufacturing—all have one thing in common. They must be tough and durable—able to withstand everyday use while maintaining their structural integrity.
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Every day, the healthcare and life sciences industries are hard at work delivering new life-enhancing and life-saving devices and therapies. Used in applications where strength, clarity and toughness are necessary, polycarbonates from Covestro exemplify the innovation, safety and biocompatibility that healthcare and life sciences designers and manufacturers across the world have come to know and trust. With this mindset, we developed Makrolon® 3638 polycarbonate.

The material’s unique combination of properties are engineered to meet rigorous standards over a wide temperature range. It is globally available and manufactured in ISO 9001-certified sites that follow GMP standards. Makrolon® 3638 polycarbonate can enable circular business models by supporting closed- and open-loop recycling. It can also contribute to a lower carbon footprint with the possibility for attributed bio-circular content.

Key benefits

  • Durability: ultra-durable from cryogenic to steam sterilization conditions with high impact strength and ductility
  • Chemical resistance: best-in-class resistance to everyday chemicals
  • Limited medical grade: biocompatibility testing according to USP Class VI, ISO 10993-5 and ISO 10993-10 and meets the requirements for skin contact applications
  • Food contact compliant: suitable for some food contact applications
  • Sterilizable: Supports sterilization methods most prevalent in the healthcare industry
  • Design freedom: for applications that are tough and transparent, yet attractive
  • Processability: consistent and efficient processing for both injection and blow molding processes

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